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Sigma Industry South

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We offer technical consulting services in product and production development to industrial companies within many different industries in southern Sweden. Our offerings cover everything from a product’s blueprint to its production and subsequent life-cycle, and we are constantly expanding them to include new, qualified engineering services.

We have about 350 employees, with offices in Jönköping, Växjö, Karlskrona, Hässleholm, Halmstad, Helsingborg, Lund and Malmö.

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Subsidiary groups

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Sigma Group consists of leading consulting companies with the objective to make their customers more competitive. They do this through technological know-how, cutting-edge expertise, and a passion for constantly finding better solutions.


Nexer is a global full-service provider in digitalization, tech, and engineering. They offer expertise in strategy, technology, and communication and build long-term partnerships to achieve success through data-driven analytics and strategic advice.

A Society

A Society offers experienced consultants for complex tech assignments. Consultants with the expertise to analyze and solve tough problems, implement solutions, and create success for customers while making a positive impact on the world.

PION Group

The PION Group works to maximise the ability of people and companies to achieve peak performance through competence, technology and strategy. They firmly believe that human resources will remain the driving force for growth in the future.


Aptio Group's experienced consultants help companies with everything related to the execution, interpretation and guidance of regulatory and industry-required tasks or processes that may be mandatory by law or industry requirements.


Thanda is a group of companies within the tourism, hospitality and real estate development industry with operations in South Africa, Tanzania, and Malta. The crown jewel is Thanda Safari Game Reserve, a South African game reserve with a 5-star lodge.