This year’s theme for our yearbook explores the integration of dynamic business with social responsibility and care. We would like to share more about how this is articulated within our holdings and social involvements.

The power of a good example.

In this year’s Yearbook, we see the power of a good example and the commitment that exists within the Danir Group. A commitment that we are proud of, and hope will inspire others. We see it as a tribute to the community and a reminder that every effort, big or small, contributes to positive change.
We hope that this Yearbook will serve as an inspiration, illustrating how, collectively, we can contribute something significant for each other and the world around us.

A message from Johan

Johan Glennmo, Chairman Danir Group.


Christin & Dan Olofsson

From open arms to marine nature reserves. And everything in between.


Lars Kry

NEXER. A company builder with a passion for business and making a difference.

Danir Group

Our group’s wide breadth – both geographically and in terms of expertise – has proved to be a strength this year.

Niclas Lundin, CEO Danir Group.

Our involvement

Local involvement and global care.

Within Danir, there are numerous examples of social involvement where we and our Group colleagues care about and…


Linnéa Björndahl

SPECIAL OLYMPICS. “I am because we are.”


Valery Krasovsky

SIGMA SOFTWARE. The entrepreneur who is an expert in software and kitchenware.

Our subsidiary groups

Caring is key to our success.

Caring for each other and the world around us is an important part of our success and growth…


Anette Hägg

SIGMA INDUSTRY. Every problem is the beginning of an opportunity.


Ola Ejnarsson

APTIO. Good quality assurance begins at home.

Our additional holdings

Entrepreneurship promoting societal development.

Among our additional holdings, ‘innovation’ is a word frequently used to describe the operations and companies…


Antigone Meda

THANDA. Creativity – an important quality on a ‘desert island’.