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Danir Group Yearbook 2022

We would like to share with you what’s been going on during 2022, an outstanding year when remarkable drive created record results. Read about our companies and social commitments in our Yearbook and get to know some of the people who play an important part in the results that we are so proud of, year after year.

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Danir Group Yearbook 2021

This year, the Yearbook had an extra focus on digitalisation. This is something that our companies within the group have worked with for over thirty years. But right now, the digitalisation process is really taking off with lots of exciting assignments where we in different ways contribute to our customers’ business.

The cover of the 2021 Yearbook was part of Andreas Olofsson Tarantino’s artwork, which in true digital spirit also existed as an NFT. That piece and two of his other works of art were auctioned off, where the entire amount went to Star for Life and their important work to create a better future for children and young people in southern Africa.

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Danir Group Yearbook 2020

In our Yearbook for 2020, we summarized the year for the Danir Group and presented our four new platforms for future growth; Sigma, Nexer, A Society and Poolia.

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