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A diligent robot that frees you and your colleagues from tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks. Science fiction? No, it’s very much a reality – in our business system for consultants.

Every window, function and procedure in Rexor is created to meet the needs of the consultants and consulting firms of the 2020s, no matter whether the work is done from home, in a taxi queue, or on the train. 

Rexor is Swedish through and through, was born in the cloud, and is based on cutting-edge technology as well as automation via AI. Only your imagination sets the limits for what tasks Rexor can eliminate for you and your colleagues. This frees up even more time for doing what you’re best at and most passionate about.

We collaborate with Bengt Dahlgren, Psykologpartner, Krook & Tjäder, Aptio Group, and the law firms Lindahl, Foyen, Fylgia, Kading and Trägårdh, among others.           

Rexor is backed by the same specialists who developed the business economist favourite XOR Control, the bestseller XOR Compact, and the Saturnus lawyer system. 

Read more about Rexor in the yearbook

Additional holdings

Hub Park 

Hub Park is a real estate company that focuses on developing traditional parking garages into sustainable mobility buildings adjacent to residential and commercial properties.


NocNoc is an advertising agency whose main focus is to develop and improve a brand’s personality and how it is perceived by the outside world.


Radinn develops and sells electric surfboards in the global market. Our vision is to spread the dream of surfing to the masses. Our boards are easy to ride, allowing novice surfers to quickly develop their skills.


BrainLit develops biocentric lighting technology and solutions that contribute to better health. Daylight is absolutely essential to our well-being. However, most people now spend the majority of their time in lighting environments that do not satisfy their need for daylight.


Cindrigo is a renewable energy company that is focused on building a high-capacity, clean baseload power generation portfolio.

InfoTech Scandinavia

InfoTech Scandinavia develops, supports and sells the Advantum information management platform.

United Influencers

We are an agency specialising in influencer marketing with offices in Norway, Sweden, Serbia, Switzerland and Italy.

Mikz Alliance

Mikz Alliance is the engine behind an international alliance for influencer marketing through which media houses and major media buyers gain access to the technology required to conduct influencer marketing.


DanAds is a leader in self-service adtech, connecting ad sellers and advertisers through a fully automated advertising platform. Thanks to DanAds, all ad buyers can access premium ad space, without expensive intermediaries.


Norrsken22 is a tech-oriented fund for investments in Africa whose goal is to promote sustainable and long-term economic growth. The fund is backed by an international network of successful tech founders.

Kaunis Iron

Kaunis Iron has been operating the iron ore mine in Pajala since 2018. With the help of strong local commitment, the ambition is to build a long-term and sustainable business.


Doxa’s primary business area is property investment and both listed and unlisted real estate companies in Sweden, without any limitation to specific categories of properties, holding periods or regions.


InterMatte is a digital mathematics teaching resource for Years 6-9 that enthuses pupils and simplifies work for the teachers. With InterMatte’s unique help messages and videos, pupils not only get instant feedback, but also help in moving forward.

Spintop Ventures

Spintop Ventures is an early-stage technology venture capital firm. We support teams on a mission to build great companies.