We focus on long-term entrepreneurship and social commitment

Holdings & Involvement

Danir’s ownership interests include core holdings in which we have subsidiaries and a long-term view of ownership. Here, it is important for us to have a structure that provides commitment and drives the growth in the subsidiary groups. That’s why we now have a new structure where we divide some of our larger core holdings into four platforms within consulting, consultant brokers and staffing. Sigma IT, which has been a large part of Sigma Group, is now forming its own group called Nexer and becoming one of the plattforms. With our four large platforms Sigma, Nexer, A Society and Poolia, we get a base with very good predicitions for an exciting development.

In total, the Danir Group had a total revenue of approximately SEK 6.3 billion in 2019.

Our ownership interests also consist of portfolio companies, in which Danir primarily is a venture capital contributor.

In addition to core holdings and portfolio companies, Danir is involved in a number of projects that in different ways aim to improve conditions for achieving positive developments in society. This involvement focuses both on Malmö and poorer parts of the world.



This is Danir

Danir is an entrepreneurial company owned by the Dan Olofsson family. Danir was founded in 1986, and our role is to own and develop our companies while contributing to a better society. We do this through entrepreneurship, long term commitment and community involvement.


Danir’s team has broad experience of running and developing companies in a number of different sectors. The organisation is small – a well-coordinated team with short decision-making pathways. You are welcome to contact us!