With a focus on long-term entrepreneurship and social commitment.

We are an entrepreneur-driven company owned by the Dan Olofsson family. Danir was founded in 1986, and our role is to own and develop our companies while also contributing to a better society. We do this through entrepreneurship, long-term commitment and community involvement.

We are an entrepreneur-driven company owned by the Dan Olofsson family. Danir was founded in 1986, and our role is to own and develop our companies while also contributing to a better society. We do this through entrepreneurship, long-term commitment and community involvement.


Social responsibility and commitment, key to our good results.

In our Yearbook, you can delve into the performance of our holdings and social involvements over the past year. Additionally, you get to meet some of the dedicated individuals who contribute to the positive results we are delighted and proud to showcase.

Our holdings

Entrepreneurship and local drive build our success.

We see our ownership as a long-term commitment, without exit plans, and now with the second generation of the Dan Olofsson family at the helm. Since the start in 1986, we have shown how our long-term approach, entrepreneurship and driven employees create long-lasting success. And this is the common denominator for all our holdings.

Continuity creates value on several levels, and worldwide.

Our entrepreneur-driven and decentralised leadership plays an important role in our subsidiary groups being so successful. We encourage local drive and energy in order to create the success that makes us stable, reliable and strong. Both as a group and as an employer.


SUBSIDIARY GROUP.Sigma Group consists of leading consulting companies with the objective to make their customers more competitive. They do this through technological know-how, cutting-edge expertise, and a passion for constantly finding better solutions.


SUBSIDIARY GROUP.Nexer is a global full-service provider in digitalization, tech, and engineering. They offer expertise in strategy, technology, and communication and build long-term partnerships to achieve success through data-driven analytics and strategic advice.

A Society

SUBSIDIARY GROUP.A Society offers experienced consultants for complex tech assignments. Consultants with the expertise to analyze and solve tough problems, implement solutions, and create success for customers while making a positive impact on the world.

PION Group

SUBSIDIARY GROUP.The PION Group works to maximise the ability of people and companies to achieve peak performance through competence, technology and strategy. They firmly believe that human resources will remain the driving force for growth in the future.


SUBSIDIARY GROUP.Aptio Group's experienced consultants help companies with everything related to the execution, interpretation and guidance of regulatory and industry-required tasks or processes that may be mandatory by law or industry requirements.


SUBSIDIARY GROUP.Thanda is a group of companies within the tourism, hospitality and real estate development industry with operations in South Africa, Tanzania, and Malta. The crown jewel is Thanda Safari Game Reserve, a South African game reserve with a 5-star lodge.

Our group’s wide breadth – both geographically and in terms of expertise – has proved to be a strength this year.

Niclas Lundin, CEO

Where potential and drive meet innovation and new thinking.

What our additional holdings have in common is that they all deliver admirable results. Not only in numbers but also in how they manage entrepreneurship and develop innovative solutions, products and services.


ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.Cindrigo is a clean energy company specializing in finding and developing renewable energy solutions and building a portfolio of high-capacity, base-power generation.

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ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.BrainLit develops biocentric lighting technology. Solutions that provide daylight, essential to our well-being, indoors and contribute to better work and study environments and better health.

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Hub Park 

ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.Hub Park is a real estate company that focuses on developing traditional parking garages into sustainable mobility hubs adjacent to residential and commercial properties.

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ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.With a vision to make the dream of surfing accessible to the masses, the innovators at Radinn develop and sell first-class electric surfboards on a global market.

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ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.DanAds is the innovator, now a leader in self-service ad tech, connecting ad sellers and advertisers and simplifying their work processes through a fully automated platform.

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ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.Doxa invests in properties and property companies in Sweden. The aim is to deliver a high risk-adjusted return over time through active value creation and good risk diversification.

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InfoTech Scandinavia

ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.InfoTech Scandinavia develops, supports, markets, and sells Advantum, a unique information system created through close collaboration with top companies in the Swedish industry.

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ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.InterMatte is a digital mathematics learning tool for Years 6-9. It aids and enthuses the students by providing educational clues and frees up valuable time for the teachers.

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Kaunis Iron

ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.Kaunis Iron has been operating the iron ore mine in Pajala since 2018. With the support of strong local commitment, the ambition is to build a long-term and sustainable business.

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Mikz Alliance

ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.Mikz Alliance operates an international membership organization, providing media houses and major media buyers with the necessary technology to effectively conduct influencer marketing.

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ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.NocNoc is an advertising agency that uses analysis and strategy to develop and strengthen clients' brands. They identify the essence, personality and uniqueness and communicate it to the world.

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ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.Norrsken22 is a for-profit growth fund that invests capital and deep strategic value in African tech founders to promote long-term sustainable economic growth across the continent.

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ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.Rexor is an innovative and user-friendly business system built on new technology and industry knowledge, designed to streamline the management of time, projects and finances for consulting companies.

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Spintop Ventures

ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.Spintop Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage technology-based startups from the Nordics and supports teams on a mission to build great companies.

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United Influencers

ADDITIONAL HOLDINGS.United Influencers is a marketing agency that specializes in influencer marketing. They have offices in Norway, Sweden, Serbia, Switzerland, and Italy, and work with influencers and clients worldwide.

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A better world requires a long-term commitment.

As a group and as an entrepreneur, we believe that not only do we have a responsibility for our employees and our customers but also for the world around us. That is why we want to be involved, committed and to contribute to making the world just a little better.

Some of our commitments are greater than others, but we have noticed that it is often the small things that make the biggest difference.

Johan Glennmo, Chairman of the Board.

Our contribution to the world around us.

We have several different commitments where we hope to contribute something good to the world around us. We want to be a part of creating something lasting that makes a real difference. So, when we get involved we set our sights high and think long-term.

Star for Life 

OUR INVOLVEMENT.Through a unique school program, Star for Life's coaches help youth in southern Africa build self-esteem, motivate them to invest in their education and make wise life decisions.

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FC Rosengård

OUR INVOLVEMENT.FC Rosengård has one of Sweden's best and most well-merited women's football teams. The team had a historic 2022, winning the Damallsvenskan and Swedish Cup and competing in the Champions League.

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Special Olympics Sweden 

OUR INVOLVEMENT.Special Olympics Sweden offers wide-ranging, recreational athletic activities for people with intellectual disabilities, aiming to give everyone a chance to have an active life, regardless of ability.

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Emerging Cooking Solutions

OUR INVOLVEMENT.Emerging Cooking Solutions has developed a stove that burns waste biomass pellets instead of charcoal. This reduces the extensive climate impact and deaths caused by cooking over smoky fires.

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Uppstart Malmö

OUR INVOLVEMENT.Uppstart Malmö was founded in 2011 by Dan Olofsson and Luciano Astudillo. They firmly believe that entrepreneurship creates jobs, which in turn reduces segregation and exclusion.

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Project Kaxås 

OUR INVOLVEMENT.Project Kaxås invests in young families who want to relocate to a scenic countryside and change their lifestyle. The project aims to counteract centralization and preserve the Kaxås rural school.

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Expect a Better Tomorrow Foundation

OUR INVOLVEMENT.Every year, the Expect a Better Tomorrow Foundation launches an initiative to highlight a problem, an injustice, aiming to contribute to a better tomorrow. For someone, for some, or for all.

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Hugos Stiftelse & Glädjeruset

OUR INVOLVEMENT.Through, among other things, the Glädjeruset races, Hugos Stiftelse raises funds to support associations that promote an active life and better health for children and youth with disabilities.

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Thanda Foundation Trust

OUR INVOLVEMENT.Thanda Foundation Trust contributes to the socio-economic, educational and developmental needs of the tribal communities adjacent to Thanda Safari in the Umkhanyekde District in South Africa.

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Offerdals SK

OUR INVOLVEMENT.Offerdal Ski Club is the village's club for the village's people. The Ski Club is actually a sports club with the aim of promoting and conducting sports activities across the municipality.

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Offerdals Spelmanslag

OUR INVOLVEMENT.Offerdals Spelmanslag has been performing its music across the world since 1985, including the USA, Russia, and South Africa. But most often, at stage performances at home in Jämtland.

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Swedes for Ukraine 

OUR INVOLVEMENT.Swedes for Ukraine is a digital platform, developed in record time, that connects Ukrainian refugees in Sweden in need of accommodation with Swedes who have accommodation to offer.

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OUR INVOLVEMENT.Utfallsfonden funds organizations that offer solutions that create measurable improvements within health, well-being, education, the labour market, integration, housing, and security.

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OUR INVOLVEMENT.Bitprop enables landowners to transform their properties into profitable assets, believing that entrepreneurship provides both immediate and long-term sustainable solutions.

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Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum

OUR INVOLVEMENT.Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is an independent research foundation that initiates and conducts policy-relevant research on entrepreneurship, innovation, small businesses, regeneration, and growth.

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Jewish Community of Malmö

OUR INVOLVEMENT.The Jewish Congregation of Malmö welcomes Jews of all ages, lifestyles, and backgrounds. They have a rich offering of Jewish culture, events, religious services, kosher cuisine, and Jewish education.

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The Swedish Committee against anti-semitism

OUR INVOLVEMENT.The Swedish Committee against antisemitism is a religiously and politically independent organization whose purpose and focus is to counter antisemitism and racism through knowledge, information, and opinion formation.

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UWC Dilijan College

OUR INVOLVEMENT.Dilijan College in Armenia is a member of the UWC organization, which aims to use education as a tool to bring people, nations and cultures together for a peaceful and socially sustainable future.

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RFK Human Rights

OUR INVOLVEMENT.RFK Human Rights is an organization dedicated to preserving the memory of Robert F. Kennedy, continuing his work to fight oppression, and promoting a more just and peaceful world.

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News and updates from the Danir Group.

Stay updated on the latest news and exciting developments within the Danir Group.


Nexer signs strategic framework agreement with Region Jönköping

Nexer wins a major framework agreement with Region Jönköping for high-quality IT solutions across Strategy, Systems ...

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Peter Knutsson Frejd Appointed as Managing Director at Nexer

Nexer announces the appointment of Peter Knutsson Frejd as the new Managing Director of Nexer Tech Talent.

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Sigma Technology IT Group enters into strategic framework agreement ...

Sigma Technology IT Group, a leading provider of IT consulting services, announces establishing a comprehensive framework ...

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Sigma Technology Group Contributes to European Standardization of ...

Sigma Technology Group is part of a new committee formed under the Swedish Institute for Standards that will develop standards ...

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Crisis of confidence in society’s ability to handle cyber ...

Nexer launches Tomorrow Report – Cyber Security, based on Kantar Sweden's survey of the Swedish people's views on ...

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Nexer appointed Premier Partner by Stibo Systems

Nexer and Stibo Systems, a provider of world-leading master data management (MDM) solutions, elevate their strategic partnership ...

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Nexer is one of the first partners in the newly launched Responsible ...

Nexer is one of the ten partners announced in Microsoft's newly launched Responsible AI Innovation Center.

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Sigma Technology Recognized as one of 2024 Best Managed Company by ...

Sigma Technology, a leading tech consultancy, has been named the Best Managed Company for the sixth consecutive year, securing ...

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Nexer appoints Kalyan Kumar Bhattlapenumarthy as new MD in India

Nexer expands its business in India and appoints Kaylan Kumar Bhattlapenumarthy as Managing Director for Nexer India.

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Sweden-Kosovo Digital Collaboration in Focus: Sigma Technology and ...

The Embassy of Sweden in Kosovo, Sigma Technology, and Appbites hosted an event dedicated to the Kosovo–Sweden cooperation in ...

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Sigma Connectivity Announces Expansion into Financial Business ...

Sigma Connectivity, a leader in engineering, product development, and innovation, proudly announces the launch of Sigma ...

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Don’t Bury Your Head in the Sand: Sigma Technology talks about ...

As the world moves towards a circular economy, where sustainability and resource efficiency are paramount, the introduction of ...

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Sigma launches a new innovation competition for middle school

The decreasing interest in technology among children and young people is a downward trend that needs to be reversed. Sigma has ...

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Promising Future for Business in the Västerås Region

Nexer has initiated a locally focused initiative to meet the Västerås region's needs in technology and digitalisation.

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Nexer Revolutionises Translation Process for Thule Group with AI

Nexer's AI-translation solution revolutionised Thule Group's multilingual product information process, enhancing speed, quality, ...

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Kristine Helle-Andresen to drive Sigma Technology’s new startup ...

Sigma Technology Group expands its Norwegian presence with the launch of Sigma Technology Systems AS, a software development ...

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The World’s most compact 5G Ruggedized Handheld Device built on the ...

Hanover, Germany- April, 22, 2024Two 5G Devices built upon the Qualcomm QCM6490 Reference Design by Sigma Connectivity for EX1 ...

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Sigma Technology Announces expansion into ERP advisory services for ...

Sigma Technology, a leading engineering and IT consultancy company, has today announced a significant expansion into SAP ...

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Nexer Expands Its Business in Germany, Appoints Giuseppe Gullo as ...

Nexer expands its business in Germany and appoints Giuseppe Gullo as managing director for Nexer Germany.

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Jula Holding aims to achieve a Sustainable IT Environment with the ...

Jula Holding has successfully implemented Nexer Clean's solution, Discovery, providing a comprehensive overview of the company's ...

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