Sigma Technology

Subsidiary groups

Sigma Technology

Sigma Technology Group is a global technology consulting company with operations throughout Sweden and in Hungary, China, Norway, Germany and Ukraine, and global delivery to Europe, the United States and China. Our offer is broad but focuses on digitalisation and electrification. We have extensive expertise in software development, product information, digital services, embedded systems, and IT infrastructure. Delivery takes place partly on the customer’s premises and partly in larger development teams in their own offices, all around the world. In recent years, we have achieved strong strategic positions in electrification and digitalisation in the automotive industry, a thriving industry that will continue to devour massive development resources.

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Subsidiary groups


Sigma is a group of leading consulting companies with the objective to make our customers more competitive. Our means are technological know-how and a passion for constantly finding better solutions. Our services are provided by Sigma Technology, Sigma Connectivity, Sigma Industry, Sigma Civil and Sigma Software.


Nexer is a global full-service provider in the fields of digitalisation, tech and engineering, with experts in strategy, technology and communication. With strong entrepreneurial drive and long-term partnerships, we build success through strategic advice and data-driven analytics.

A Society

A Society operates in a free and dynamic consulting market, helping individuals follow their passion. We have over 20 years of experience in providing assignments to consultants in the tech industry, and we know that our consultants can solve the toughest problems, fulfil any dream, and build any solution to create a positive societal change.

PION Group

The PION Group works to maximise the ability of people and companies to achieve peak performance through competence, technology and strategy. We are convinced that human resources will continue to be a hub for growth in the future, as well.


Aptio Group assists companies with execution, interpretation and advice related to regulatory and/or industry-specific tasks and processes. These processes or tasks can be found either in legal texts and/or in various standards.


Thanda consists of companies in tourism, the hospitality business, the hotel industry and property development registered in South Africa, Tanzania and Malta. The crown jewels are undoubtedly Thanda Safari in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, a private “Big 5” game reserve spanning 14,000 hectares.