Uppstart Malmö


Uppstart Malmö

With a conviction that entrepreneurship creates jobs while reducing segregation and exclusion, Uppstart Malmö was founded in 2011 by Dan Olofsson and Luciano Astudillo. Uppstart Malmö is run as a not-for-profit foundation and is backed by great commitment from private investors, partners, the City of Malmö and Malmö’s business community. The idea is simple – more people in the workforce means a better Malmö. And so far, more than 3,500 people have found new jobs thanks to the activities of the foundation and the companies they collaborate with.

Our day-to-day operations are handled via Tillväxt Malmö, which has offices in central Malmö, and Level, an international incubator with offices and co-working facilities at the Mobilia shopping centre. Tillväxt Malmö offers business development for companies in Malmö that want to grow, while Level provides support in the three phases of entrepreneurship: dream, start and grow.

Both businesses organise seminars and events to spark inspiration and spread knowledge. But above all, we provide a meeting place where entrepreneurs can interact and learn from each other. Throughout the year, we have seen a consistent increase in the number of companies seeking some form of support from us.

In collaboration with Möllans Basement, Tillväxt Malmö launched a mentoring program for young people aged 18 to 22. It gives them the chance to meet representatives from the business community and gain valuable insight and a real-life connection to working life. This contact improves their opportunities to broaden their horizons, increasing their faith in the future and the possibility of one day having a successful career of their own.

In turbulent times, we have been a safe advisor to business owners and entrepreneurs. Many of them like using us as a sounding board that allows them to bounce thoughts and ideas off an external, experienced business developer. How can we adapt? How can we reduce energy use in the company? There are plenty of questions, and it is important to instil courage in these companies and help them build a stable, long-term plan for the future.

Read more about Uppstart Malmö in the yearbook


Star for Life 

Star for Life is a non-profit organisation that works to create better circumstances for young people.

Star for Life Jerusalem

Star for Life Jerusalem is a foundation whose vision is to promote sustainable development for the people of East Jerusalem through various initiatives. Our mission is to develop, finance, and implement programs targeting education, employment, IT skills development, and IT entrepreneurship.


Motivationslyftet is part of Star for Life International, which has operations in Sweden, South Africa, Namibia, Jerusalem and Ukraine.

FC Rosengård

FC Rosengård has Sweden’s best women’s football team, and 2022 was a year for the record books, as the team took home Swedish Championship gold, cup gold and competed in the Champions League group stage.

Swedes for Ukraine 

Millions of Ukrainians are still fleeing the horrors of war following Russia’s brutal attack on their homeland. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians arrived in Sweden early this spring. The need for shelter quickly became acute. In March 2022, the non-profit site swedesforukraine.org was launched.


The world is facing a large-scale unemployment and land distribution problem. Out of the belief that good-natured entrepreneurship offers a faster, grassroots, more sustainable and empowering route to addressing these issues, Bitprop was founded in early 2019.

Project Kaxås 

Project Kaxås is an initiative that invests in young families who want to change their lifestyle and move to a scenic rural environment. The starting point for the project was to break the trend towards centralisation and save the rural school in Kaxås.

Thanda Foundation Trust

The Thanda Foundation Trust was established to engage with the socio-economic, educational, and developmental needs of the three tribal communities neighbouring Thanda Safari in the Umkhanyekude District.

Expect a Better Tomorrow – a foundation

This year’s Expect a Better Tomorrow initiative is Heja Klubben! This initiative seeks to demonstrate the invaluable benefits that Swedish association life provides throughout our expansive country.

Special Olympics Sweden 

Special Olympics is a part of the Swedish Parasports Federation that offers wide-ranging and recreational athletic activities for persons with intellectual disabilities.

Hugos Stiftelse and Glädjeruset

The Hugos Stiftelse foundation raises money to support associations and organisations that work to ensure an active life and better health for children and young people with disabilities.

Emerging Cooking Solutions

Around the world, more people die as a result of cooking over smoky, open fires than from malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS combined. The climate impact of charcoal and firewood burned for cooking is as great as that of the entire aviation industry.

Jewish Community of Malmö

The Jewish Community of Malmö is there for all Jews regardless of age, lifestyle, background and degree of religiosity.

The Swedish Committee against anti-semitism

The Swedish Committee against anti-semitism is a non-religious and non-political organization whose purpose is to work against and raise awareness of anti-semitism and racism.

Entrepreneurship Forum

The Entrepreneurship Forum is an independent research foundation that initiates, conducts, and communicates policy-relevant research which creates better conditions for entrepreneurship, innovation, small business, renewable energy, and growth.

Offerdals SK

The Olofsson family has a long-standing commitment in Jämtland. Here we support the local club Offerdals SK with the ambition to promote sports activities in Offerdal, and skiing in particular. Offerdals SK was founded in 1961 and currently has around 500 members.

Offerdals Spelmanslag

Since 1985, Offerdals Spelmanslag has performed their music at venues ranging all the way from the forests of Jämtland to the United States, Russia and South Africa. At home, they make various stage performances throughout Jämtland.

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights is committed to continuing Robert F. Kennedy’s legacy to stand against oppression and strive to achieve a more just and peaceful world. Since 2018, Dan Olofsson is a member of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Leadership Council.

UWC Dilijan College

UWC Dilijan College in Armenia is a part of the UWC network, a global education movement that makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.