What is an NFT?

The three works of art presented here are so-called NFTs, Non-fungible tokens, which is a special type of crypto technology used in the sale and ownership of digital art. Each token is a unique part of a blockchain and creates a “digital fingerprint”. Unlike other cryptocurrencies where each token is equivalent to another, an NFT is not interchangeable, ie “non-fungible”.


The artist and his first NFTs

Andreas Olofsson Tarantino is an artist from Malmö. He uses acrylic paint and large canvases to create his abstract art. In the creative process, he often starts with one specific idea. But based on daily form, mood, and emotions, that idea can take many different directions before the last brushstroke is done. This is the first time that Andreas’ art can be bought digitally. And of course, he hopes that many want to be involved and place a bid for his three pieces, as the money goes to a very good cause.

My very first NFT

Limited edition of 1

My second NFT

Limited edition of 5

This is my third NFT

Limited edition of 3

How, where, and why you bid on Andreas NFTs

NFTs are sold on specific platforms, in this case you will find our auction on OpenSea. Here you pay with the cryptocurrency Ethereum, ETH. If you are interested in placing a bid on Andreas’ art, you need a secure place to store these, your digital investments. You therefore need a crypto wallet such as Metamask Wallet. Find more information on how to get started here. If you have the winning bid at the end of the auction, you pay with the cryptocurrency ETH, which you can buy with your regular credit card. The entire amount we receive from the auction will go to Star for Life and their important work to create a better future for children and young people in southern Africa.

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