Nexer wins silver in the Swedish Design Awards

Press release

Nexer wins silver in the Swedish Design Awards

2022-10-26 Nexer

The Swedish Design Awards (Svenska Designpriset) is Sweden’s most prominent annual competition in design and communication. This year, Nexer won the silver medal for the employer brand concept “Onwards & Upwards”.

Employer branding is about communicating a company’s values, culture and personality in a way that appeals to its ideal candidates. A strong employer brand can help attract and retain people who are a great match and share and thrive in the company’s culture.

The silver medal in the Swedish Design Awards is a great recognition of the visual expression of Onwards & Upwards, especially considering the tough competition with seven strong nominees in the category “Graphic identity – technology and services”.

“Interviews with employees, managers, recruiters and our very skilled HR department showed that Nexer people share some common characteristics, such as entrepreneurial and purpose-driven mindsets and lots of passion. The purpose of Onwards & Upwards is to capture those characteristics and make them come alive”, says Beatrice Silow, Communications and Culture Manager, Nexer Group.

The project team got at an early stage a confirmation that the concept was genuine and authentic and that the employees could connect with the story.

“When we first published the campaign video, we received many positive comments from employees worldwide. But to me, two of them stood out: ‘This is us’ and ‘This is exactly what we are’. Those comments made me realise that we succeeded in our mission”, says Madeleine Hedberg, Copywriter at Nexer Maverick.

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Beatrice Silow, Communications and Culture Manager, Nexer Group
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