The Danir Group’s development

Our breadth is our strength.

Following a period of exceptionally strong growth over the last couple of years, development in 2023 has moved at a calmer pace. This presents opportunities for consolidation and tuning of our businesses, which strengthens the group going forward. Our group’s wide breadth – both geographically and in terms of expertise – has proved to be a strength this year. Despite tougher circumstances, sales have increased by SEK 1 billion. 

Regardless of business cycle fluctuations, the digitalisation and electrification of society will continue for a long time. We are well positioned in this area, and we will continue to aggressively advance the group in order to contribute to this development together with our customers.

Danir’s commercial operations in 26 countries

Revenue, growth and result

13,500 (1,214)
12,500 (1,124)
Growth rate, in percent (Organic growth rate)
8 (7)
28 (26)
Operating profit for the consulting business*
804 (72)
1,066 (96)
Operating profit for the Danir group
602 (54)
790 (71)
Result after taxes
522 (47)
614 (55)

*The consulting business consists of Sigma, Nexer, A-Society, PION and Aptio.


The group’s development over the past few years.

Number of employees
Annual growth
Total 2022 - 2023
CAGR*, total 2018 - 2023
CAGR*, organic 2018 - 2023

Figures for 2023 are based on the latest available forecast and may therefore differ slightly towards actual outcomes. This applies to all 2023 figures in this yearbook. Nexer and Sigma are both reported pro forma for the period of 2018-2020. The number of employees refers to full-time equivalents of December. Some employees, primarily in Poolia, work part-time so in total the Danir Group has approximately 15,000 employees. In addition, the Danir Group engages 2,600 sub-consultants. Oct 31, 2023: 1 SEK is 0,09 USD.

*Compound Annual Growth Rate.


History pointing to continued growth in our holdings and involvements.

A long-term perspective, entrepreneurship, and driven employees have been hallmarks of the Group’s success since its inception. Our organic growth remains record-high, which we are extremely proud of. We continue to be involved in and develop the social projects we initiate and run. And this involvement is also showing good growth. The timeline indicates some of the most important events within Danir since its inception in 1986.


Nexer Group acquires the majority in the German consulting company Holisticon.


Our Ukrainian subsidiary Sigma Software is responsible for a heroic effort as they, despite Russia’s war of aggression, maintain customer deliveries and expand their business. All the while providing support to fellow Ukrainians affected by the war. Star for Life was launched in Ukraine and Jerusalem. The Poolia group’s listed parent company Poolia AB changes its name to PION Group.


Sigma IT becomes its own subsidiary group and changes its name to Nexer. To achieve good, continued growth, Danir’s primary consulting operations will now be run on four platforms: Sigma, Nexer, A Society, and Poolia. The Danir Group passes 10,000 employees.


Early in the autumn, Danir acquires shares in Poolia, and thus becomes the new principal owner of the staffing company.


Danir acquires Assistera, which together with Sigma Society becomes A Society. Through this, we establish an even stronger presence in consultancy services. This is also the year Danir/Sigma launches, on New Year’s Eve, the ‘International Expect a Better Tomorrow’ Day. A whole new way to contribute to a better tomorrow.


Danir buys out Sigma, now with 1,400 employees, from the stock exchange. As a privately owned company, the focus is now on long-term organic growth.


Epsilon is divested in order to strengthen the group’s financial base with the accompanying spread of investments.


The initiative for Startup Malmö is taken. A commitment to breaking down exclusion and getting young people into the workforce.


Danir gets heavily involved in FC Rosengård, the football association which, with its new and unique projects, even off the pitch, shows how important sports and club life are to society.


Looking to the east and Ukraine, what is now Sigma Software is acquired along with 60 employees. Spread all over the world, the company has more than 1,800 employees.


On the initiative of Dan and Christin Olofsson, Danir starts Star for Life. It is an initiative in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, aimed at the prevention and spread of HIV/AIDS and helping young people to a better life.


Sigma is named the best IT consultant by 200 major companies, and the same year Danir buys Epsilon from the stock exchange.


This year, Danir is expanding its operations and takes a step in a completely new direction when it launches Thanda Private Game Reserve, an exclusive safari facility in South Africa.


Sigma reaches 3,300 employees and is divided into three new listed companies: Sigma, Teleca, and Epsilon, all with Danir as the principal owner. Teleca will be divested later in 2008.


Sigma now has about 600 employees and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O-list.


Danir acquires Sapia Teknik with 400 employees who, shortly afterwards, change their name to Sigma and broaden their operations to also offer IT consulting.


It all started when Dan Olofsson was commissioned by Sapia to start Sapia Teknik, a new business focusing on technical consulting services. Danir was founded and was then a minor partner in Sapia.

Yearbook 2023 /The Danir Group’s Development

Yearbook 2023 /The Danir Group’s Development