Henrique Carvalho, Sigma Connectivity

From sports cars to Tech

You’ll find Henrique somewhere in Europe. He could be anywhere, from Sigma Connectivity in Lund to someplace between Belgium and Portugal. And he’s always on the verge of solving a problem. This man is passionate about disseminating knowledge, and in his spare time, he runs his own YouTube channel and company where he teaches people to design in CAD programmes.

Henrique was born and raised in Leiria, between Lisbon and Porto, and only 20 km away from the Atlantic coast. He also finished his education there. At first, he began studying computer science and telematics at Aveiro University, but after three years he switched his focus to one of his passions, automotive engineering.

“As a kid, one of my aspirations was to work in the gaming industry. But fate had other plans, as teaching and 3D printing led me on a different path. The future? Only time will tell, but the foundations have been laid,” says Henrique with a huge smile under his moustache.

Henrique has ten years as a project and product manager in the automotive industry under his belt. There he learned everything he knows about plastic components from design to production, managed teams and had his fair share of quotations and clients. He has worked with several international brands, such as Bosch and VW. He also had the opportunity to fine-tune parts for the iconic McLaren P1 sports car and was involved in developing the dashboard for the BMW i8. And to some extent, we have Henrique to thank for the way the air vents in the VW Polo and T-Roc look and work.

And now these production and product development skills have led him to Sigma Connectivity in Lund. Here he works as a project manager at the mechanical department within MedTech. Truth be told, he ended up here by coincidence.

“My wife got an irresistible job offer in Brussels and moved there about three years ago. Then, a year ago, I saw an ad on LinkedIn about how Sigma needed a ‘Swiss army knife engineer’ for their office in Copenhagen. ‘That’s me,’ I thought, and Denmark is closer to Belgium,” recounts Henrique of how he ended up at Sigma Connectivity in April 2022.

In his short time with the company, he has already been able to contribute with his knowledge of product development and production. His practicality and passion for problem-solving has really come into its own here.

As a child, one of my ambitions was to work in the gaming industry. But fate had other plans when teaching and 3D printing led me down a different path.

– Henrique Carvalho

One ongoing trend is that European customers in various industries, including MedTech, are looking at moving their production to Europe. And Portugal in particular is a country where the manufacturing industry is growing. Here, Henrique can contribute with valuable knowledge. He is well-acquainted with the various producers and knows who is good at what. And of course, it helps that he’s at home with the language and culture. He describes his job at Sigma Connectivity with great enthusiasm and says it’s awesome to work with such fantastic projects in all possible areas. He also loves having the freedom to work where his wife is and the opportunity to work from home, in the truest sense of the word.

From Portugal to a high-tech Sigma company. A journey that started three years ago, with a newborn 3D printing company, has now led him to Sweden where he can expand his horizons, help others develop, and apply his past experiences in the Automotive world to new, greener fields. A voyage that has taken him to this exciting new chapter of his life.