A message from Johan

The power of a good example.

As 2023 draws to a close, it has been another year of Putin’s horrific war of aggression against Ukraine. Putin hopes that a protracted war will cause us in the West to lose interest in the war, and subsequently reduce our commitment and aid to Ukraine. We must not accept this, and we must continue to support Ukraine so they can expel the Russians from their country.

We have also seen the devastating impact of Hamas’ terrorist acts and the ensuing tragedies. While I am writing this, the conflict continues, and the immediate intervention of the international community is essential to resolve the situation peacefully and prevent further loss of life and suffering.

2023 is also a year in which interest rates and the Swedish krona have been in focus. Many people are talking about a weaker economy and that we are in, or about to enter, a recession. We are naturally also affected and have experienced weaker growth during the year. But our subsidiaries have done a good job of dealing with the challenges. In times like these, companies have opportunities to streamline their organisations and create favourable conditions to quickly bounce back when the economy picks up again. Because it will.

It is also a time when it is important to have a long-term perspective in your involvements and provide support where needed. This applies to our corporate commitments that have been hit hard by the weaker economy, but also to our social involvement. This is when our support is most needed. In our 2023 Yearbook, we have therefore chosen to focus on what we and our companies are doing to make the society in which we operate a little better. For us, this is a central element. We feel strongly about our involvements and often have a strong personal commitment to the initiatives we support.

Star for Life was founded by Christin and Dan Olofsson in 2005 when they realised that the newly opened Thanda Private Game Reserve was at the epicentre of the HIV/AIDS pandemic that was raging in southern Africa at the time. With great commitment, Star for Life has grown and now actively helps young people to believe in their dreams and their future in six countries. Uppstart Malmö was founded by Dan Olofsson and Luciano Astudillo. The aim was to create new jobs in Malmö’s more vulnerable parts, such as by supporting existing entrepreneurs in these areas to advance their growth, thereby enabling them to employ more people.

FC Rosengård is a multifaceted football club that, in addition to engaging 700 football-playing children and young people in Malmö, runs labour market projects that have helped hundreds enter the labour market. They also run Football for Life in South Africa where they strengthen girls’ self-esteem through football. In addition to all this, this unique football club involves itself in important issues such as gender equality and mental health.

Our involvement in Special Olympics and the Hugo Foundation stems from my son having been born with a brain injury. And I have seen first-hand how important physical activity is for him and others with an intellectual disability. Help and support are especially important for those who may not be able to take the initiative themselves. Through Special Olympics, we support School Days, which is a sports day for adapted schools, where students get opportunities to try different sports. Around 30 School Days are held annually, and since its launch in 2015, thousands of students have been able to try out sports.

These are some examples of how we at Danir are involved in our community. We strongly believe in the power of a good example, and we hope that our involvement inspires others to do something. We are truly proud of the commitment within the Danir Group that you can read about in this Yearbook.

Yearbook 2023 /A message from Johan

Yearbook 2023 /A message from Johan