The Swedish Committee against anti-semitism

Svenska kommittén mot antisemitism, SKMA (The Swedish Committee against anti-semitism) is a non-religious and non-political organization whose purpose is to work against and raise awareness of anti-semitism.It is financed mainly through sponsors. SKMA continuously monitors public debates and mass media, and their blog, Facebook-page, Twitter and Newsletter are central sources for information as well as debate about anti-semitism.

SKMA also works against anti-semitism by education, and makes resources and information available to teachers, students, media and political organizations, as well as promoting lecturers. Some of the country’s leading scholars, experts and educators in this field participate in these classes. SKMA also offers educational trips to Poland for students, teachers and other interested parties.

Thousands of teachers, youth counselors, politicians, journalists, students and others have participated in the extensive and nationwide educations and seminars offered by SKMA.

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