We believe in equality and diversity, and in Malmö we have been good at making use of the good things that come from this. It is therefore with concern and sadness that we see how Malmö’s Jewish population in recent years has endured both threats and harassment, to the extent that many people choose to leave Malmö.

We do not accept that anti-Semitism can continue to grow in Malmö. We do not accept that there are only a few schools in Malmö where young Jews can study without being harassed. We do not accept that many young Jews nowadays do not dare to have their star of David visible as they move around the city. We do not accept that our Jewish citizens should have to live with fear of attacks when they gather.

Therefore, we have decided to donate SEK 2 million a year for a ten-year period to the Jewish Community of Malmö. A donation intended to strengthen the activities of the Jewish community and to contribute to increased safety and security, so that the Jews of Malmö may continue to exercise their faith and to live according to the Jewish culture.

“We hope we can instil some hope in Malmö’s Jewish population so that they can feel that even if the politicians don’t, there are still people who are prepared to stand up for them.”

– Dan Olofsson