Rexor is an innovative, powerful and user-friendly ERP-system that simplifies and streamlines management of time, projects and finances for consulting companies in the Nordic region. The system is based on new technology, long experience and deep industry knowledge.

Rexor makes it possible for consultants to spend less time on administration and more time on producing and conveying knowledge. The system stands for automation, smart features, well thought out design and mobile functionality.

Rexor manages the company’s finances, projects, time, employees, customers and partners in a complete and flexible manner. The system is created in Sweden, with cutting edge technology, especially for consultants. Behind Rexor is the same group of enthusiasts who developed the XOR Compact *, which has been named “Best Product” by the specialist press seven times in a row, and XOR Control*.

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* XOR Compact and XOR Control are today owned by Visma, and are now called Visma Compact, Visma Control and Visma PX Control.