Mikz Licensing AB

Mikz Licensing AB develops and licenses future-oriented technological platforms and methods for online-based consumer services for clients around the world. Our main asset is the Mikz platform – an advanced cloud-based service platform that offers complete white label solutions for influencer marketing, gift cards, coupons and other consumer-oriented mobile services.

Building technical platforms from scratch in an effort to meet the exact specifications of your business idea often leads to delays and costly solutions. With Mikz, you can focus on building your brand and selling your services while getting a technical platform with associated world-class support, profiled with your logo and brand identity.

Our current offer is the Mikz Alliance – a leading white label and cloud-based booking platform for scalable influencer marketing. Your platform is pre-wired to the first and only global booking engine, so our members can identify, enable, distribute and measure campaigns in an interconnected and global network.

Mikz Alliance allows members to collaborate and run influencer campaigns on a large scale so that they can grow their business and develop the industry. Members can run campaigns on any market, anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

Find out more at mikzalliance.com