FC Rosengård

We are proud sponsors of FC Rosengård.

The club’s extensive youth activities, their tremendous sporting success with a total of 10 Swedish championships and a high level of engagement in social issues all make FC Rosengård more than just a football club.

FC Rosengård has run the project Boost by FC Rosengård for 14 years, helping young people break out of un-employment and enter the work force. Just in the last three years, Boost has helped find jobs for 970 young people.

In 2016 FC Rosengård also launched a new initiative, Start by FC Rosengård, with the goal of helping newly arrived immigrants to quickly become integrated in society.

In addition, FC Rosengård runs a project in South Africa with the aim of making football more accessible to girls. With the help of sponsors, the club has built a sports center specializing in football for girls, and has one employee overseeing the project.

FC Rosengård welcomes everyone, boys and girls alike, in Rosengård as well as the inner-city of Malmö. A total of approximately 35 teams and 650 players make up the club. The men’s team made the leap up to division 1, and the ladies’ team is one of the best teams in Europe; as well as a world leader when it comes to developing professional football for women.

This is what makes FC Rosengård an important community builder. This is why we support FC Rosengård.