Expect a better tomorrow – A foundation

There are theme days for almost everything, but there wasn’t a day for a better tomorrow. That’s why we at Danir and Sigma, decided to make New Year’s Eve the “International Expect A Better Tomorrow day”. On this day, we present an annual initiative that will contribute to a better tomorrow.

Our first initiative was Segerpotten (the Victory Pot), which highlighted the economic situation of women’s football and raised money for the winner of the Damallsvenskan 2018. The second year’s initiative was Funkisfonden, which raised the issue on how important it is for people with intellectual disabilities to be active and do sports. All funds raised went in full to Special Olympics Sweden. Haveriet raised the levels of ocean literacy and recruited young sea ambassadors and last year, Femmegineering, an initiative to get more women to the engineering and tech educations, was launched.

In 2022, we want to highlight the invaluable contributions of clubs and associations to Swedish life through the initiative Heja Klubben!. And pay tribute to all those who give their time and effort on a voluntary basis: enthusiasts with a passion for their club who every day create rewarding leisure activities for children, young people and adults.

Find out more at expectabettertomorrow.com/en