A Society is a modern consulting company that gives self-employed consultants access to the most exciting and developing assignments. Future generations of workforce prioritises freedom and with basic security and a strong sense of belonging the full force of it will be unleashed. We help maximize the benefits of the flexible labour market for both consultants and clients. One thing that everyone in A Society has in common is that we love to get to know people and to connect right person with the right assignment.

A Society supplies authorities and leading companies within technology, product development and IT with specialist expertise. We have offices in Sweden, Denmark, US and Canada, which means that we easily can accommodate our global client’s needs.

Experience, knowledge and close collaboration
Finding the right skills is crucial to drive development and create success. We make sure that we get to know our client’s operations and get an understanding of their needs and how we can supply them with the skills of the best suitable specialist. By monitoring and analyzing the market, we can help companies identify their long-term competence needs as well as helping specialists prepare for future assignments.

Over 25 00 experienced specialists
Our specialists are self-employed and small niche consultancy companies with long experience of technology-intensive projects. We associate ourselves with consultants, which we believe will have significant importance to our customers’ success. Instead of searching databases, we use our contacts and do thorough research work to find the consultant that best fits the assignment. This is our way of making sure we give the best and the most accurate recommendation.

A present partner
We help our clients through the whole process of finding the right specialist, from selecting, ensuring quality, interviewing and writing contracts. Throughout the assignment, you have contact with the same person at A Society, who is up to date with the assignment and the client’s operations. Everything to be responsive to and understand our clients’ needs.

Full transparency in terms and conditions
With our transparent business model, we build long-term relations, where the all parties involved knows right from the start how it works. Both client and consultant have full insight in all the terms and conditions, which makes everyone feel secure and at ease.

Our core values
It‘s imperative that our collaborations with consultants and clients always are according to our core values, Freedom – Passion – Action

We make sure that those who want can be free consultants, maximize their abilities and realize their ambitions as a consultant. We believe that freedom is so powerful that it generates the best solutions. We give our consultants the freedom to succeed!

We are passionate about what we do and to maximizing every person’s ability to perform. Each personal relationship is unique and must be cared for to keep the passion alive.

By providing the right tools and support, we make sure to give the right conditions for each individual to succeed. Being able to take action and to deliver beyond expectation is the basis of our business.

A Society Group
The A Society Group consists of four companies. In addition to the four A Society companies A Society AB, A Society A/S, A Society Inc. and A Society Consulting Inc. the group also includes Konsultera IT i Sverige AB. We have long-term ambitions on the global market, working closely with local specialists. We aim to learn all about our clients and our consultants. This gives us a better understanding of their needs and challenges. With knowledge of man, technology and the market, we find the right person for the assignment and create sustainable benefits for both clients and consultants.

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