About Us

The consultancy activities in Sigma, Epsilon and Teleca have grown since the beginning from zero to approximately 8 000 employees in an entrepreneurial development with operations in more than ten countries. Growth has been achieved in three ways: organic growth, the so-called “Entrepreneur’s Package” and acquisitions. The Entrepreneur’s Package involves new companies being started around an entrepreneur with drive who becomes a co-owner. 30 or so companies with, at present, more than 5,000 employees have been started in this way. Acquisitions have been completed of both privately owned and public companies.

The story began in 1986, when Dan Olofsson was given the assignment by Sapia to set up a new business, Sapia Teknik, with a focus on technical consultancy services. The company was acquired by Olofsson in 1993, after which it changed its name to Sigma.

By 1997 Sigma had around 600 employees and was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O-list.

In 2001 Sigma had 3 300 employees and was divided into three new publicly listed companies based on the business areas: Teleca, Epsilon and Sigma. Teleca was disposed of in 2008.

In 2002 Danir took a step in a new direction with the creation of the Thanda Private Game Reserve, a safari reserve in South Africa which was named “The World’s Leading Luxury Lodge” between 2009 and 2016 by the World Travel Awards. With a base in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, they also set up the Star for Life project in 2005, an engagement that aims to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and to help young people have a better life. At present approximately 250 000 young people have completed the three-year programme.

In 2003 Sigma was named the best IT consultancy by 200 major companies, and in the same year Danir bought out Epsilon from the Stock Exchange. The company then experienced strong growth. Initiatives were implemented in the field of integrated systems and IT, and in 2008 work started to build up a network of subcontracted consultants.

In 2012 Epsilon was disposed of in order to enhance the Group’s financial base with a subsequent spreading of investments.

In 2013 Sigma with its 1 400 employees was bought out from the Stock Exchange. At the same time the Group was broadened to comprise six business areas: Sigma ITC, Sigma Technology, Sigma Connectivity, Sigma Industry, Sigma Civil and Sigma Ukraine. This resulted in the setting up of seventeen new entrepreneurial subsidiaries within Sigma.

2016 Strong organic growth of approximately 30% a year means that Sigma now has 3 200 employees, and the Danir Group as a whole 3 500 employees.

Uppstart Malmö and Östra Skolan are two examples of extended social engagement in recent years.