About Us

Three decades of growth, commitment and endurance.

Since its inception in 1986, Danir has shown that faith in long-term thinking, entrepreneurship, and driven employees can create something lasting. In parallel with strong organic growth, Danir has shown an equally clear continuity in the social projects we have initiated and continue to be involved in. Here are some of the most important events from the 35 years we have been building the Danir Group.

It all started when Dan Olofsson was commissioned by Sapia to start Sapia Teknik, a new business focusing on technical consulting services. Danir was founded and was then a minor partner in Sapia.

Danir acquires Sapia Teknik with 400 employees who shortly afterwards change their name to Sigma and broaden their operations to also include IT consulting services.

Sigma now has about 600 employees and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O-list.

Sigma reaches 3 300 employees and is divided into three new exchange companies: Sigma, Teleca, and Epsilon, all with Danir as the principal owner. Teleca will be divested later in 2008.

This year, Danir is expanding its operations and takes a step in a completely new direction when it launches Thanda Private Game Reserve, an exclusive safari facility in South Africa.

Sigma was named the best IT consultant by 200 major companies, and the same year Danir bought Epsilon from the stock exchange.

Star for Life is launched. It is a commitment in southern Africa aimed at the prevention and spread of HIV / AIDS and helping young people to a better life. To date, 450 000 students have completed the Star for Life multi-year program.

2012 Epsilon was disposed of in order to enhance the Group’s financial base with a subsequent spreading of investments.

Looking to the east and Ukraine, what is now Sigma Software is acquired with 60 employees. The company currently has 1 100 employees.

Danir joins FC Rosengård, the football club which, with its new and unique projects, even off the pitch, shows how important sports and club life are to society.

The initiative for Uppstart Malmö is taken. A commitment to breaking down exclusion and getting young people into the workforce.

Epsilon is divested in order to strengthen the Group’s financial base with the accompanying spread of investments.

Danir buys out Sigma, now with 1 400 employees, from the stock exchange. As a privately owned company, the focus is now on organic growth. From 2013 to 2020, Sigma will grow to 5 000 employees, primarily through an average annual organic growth of 20%.

Danir buys Assistera this year and in connection with the purchase, merges with Sigma Society. They both become A Society and through this acquisition we establish ourselves in consulting brokerage. This is also the year when Danir and Sigma launches New Year’s Eve as the ”International Expect a better tomorrow day”. A completely new way of conducting community involvement and which will contribute to a better tomorrow for the world around us.

Early in the autumn, Danir acquires shares in Poolia and thus becomes the new principal owner of the staffing company.

At the beginning of the year, the subsidiary Sigma IT changes its name to Nexer. In order to achieve good, continued growth, the Danir Group’s consulting operations will run on the basis of four platforms: Sigma, Nexer, A Society, and Poolia. The Danir Group’s operations consist of 80 operating subsidiaries and now have 8 000 employees in sixteen countries. We are a family business owned by the Dan Olofsson family and run by his sons, Johan Glennmo and Andreas Olofsson Tarantino.