Kristine Helle-Andresen to drive Sigma Technology’s new startup in Norway

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Kristine Helle-Andresen to drive Sigma Technology’s new startup in Norway

2024-04-23 Sigma

Norway boasts a vibrant technology sector characterized by innovation, entrepreneurship, and a strong focus on sustainability. With a highly skilled workforce, Norway is well-positioned to lead the way in areas such as renewable energy, clean maritime technology, artificial intelligence, and digitalization. The Norwegian government plays a proactive role in promoting innovation. Public funding, grants, and initiatives foster a supportive environment for tech startups, research collaborations, and the development of digital infrastructure.

Sigma Technology Group, a leading Swedish tech consultancy, announced the formation of Sigma Technology Systems AS to expand further in the Norwegian technology sector. This Oslo-based company will focus on developing sustainable IT solutions tailored to Norwegian businesses while actively promoting greater gender diversity within the industry.

We are thrilled to see Sigma Technology Group’s continued investment in Norway’s thriving technology sector,” says Carl Vikingsson, CEO of Sigma Technology Group. “Kristine’s leadership, combined with her commitment to creating sustainable solutions and fostering inclusivity, makes Sigma Technology Systems AS a powerful force for innovation within Norway and beyond.”

Kristine Helle-Andresen brings her experience in software development and IT solutions to her role as CEO of Sigma Technology Systems AS. Her passion for crafting sustainable technologies aligns with Norway’s focus on environmentally conscious businesses and commitment to driving change within the IT industry. She is focused on building a team of talented backend, frontend, DevOps, and software developers.

I’m thrilled to lead Sigma Technology Systems AS and contribute to the dynamic tech landscape in Norway,” says Kristine Helle-Andresen. “Our mission is twofold: develop cutting-edge software solutions that drive sustainable growth for our clients and simultaneously shape a more inclusive technology industry where women and girls play a pivotal role.

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