9 out of 10 Swedes want to contribute to total defense with technical equipment

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9 out of 10 Swedes want to contribute to total defense with technical equipment

2024-01-22 Nexer

Stockholm, January 22, 2024 – A comprehensive Kantar Sifo survey shows that a majority of the Swedish population, 86 percent, are prepared to contribute to the Swedish total defence by lending personal technical equipment such as drones and surveillance devices. This demonstrates a strong willingness among citizens to actively participate in the nation’s defence, especially in light of the increased tensions and threats of war in our world. Nexer Group, the tech company behind the survey, is now calling on the government and the Supreme Commander to recognize and take advantage of this unique opportunity. A coordinated effort can provide a better total defence.

The Kantar Sifo survey, which was commissioned by Nexer Group against the background of the increasing global security situation and the war in Ukraine, points to a significant resource that has so far been untapped. The survey shows that the Swedish people are positive about contributing to the total defence. As many as 86% responded that they would lend digital equipment to the defence if Sweden was in a war situation.

– The results of this survey are a clear sign of the Swedish people’s determination to stand united and ready to defend our country. It is now up to our leaders to take advantage of this resource and turn the will of the people into practical action,” says Lars Kry, CEO of Nexer Group.

The readiness of Swedish citizens to make their private technology available can play a critical role in strengthening the capabilities of the Swedish Armed Forces, especially in the areas of surveillance and information gathering.

Nexer therefore now urges the Government and the Supreme Commander to take advantage of this unique opportunity. By coordinating and organizing the use of private technical equipment, Sweden can effectively strengthen its defence without necessarily requiring large investments in new equipment.

– Such an initiative would not only improve our defence capabilities, but also promote a stronger social cohesion and a deeper commitment among citizens to national security,” concludes Lars Kry.

For more information about the survey or for interviews, please contact:
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About the survey
The question asked was “If you owned digital equipment that had helped Sweden’s defence during war or in a crisis situation, would you lend the equipment to the defence?”. It was asked by Kantar Sifo and was conducted as part of a larger survey on Swedes’ views on digitalization in order to provide the public with a report on the expectation of technological development. This has been compiled by Hipe Agency in the “Tomorrow report” on behalf of Nexer Group. The respondents are members of the public aged 18-79 years old, spread across the country. The data is weighted by gender, age, and region to give a nationally representative result.

Number of interviews: 2517
Data collection: Kantar Sifos online panel
Time period: Data collection took place between 2022-08-26 – 2022-09-05

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