Capacio and Sigma Technology Cooperate to Unlock People’s Talent and Potential with the Help of Data Analytics and Brain Science

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Capacio and Sigma Technology Cooperate to Unlock People’s Talent and Potential with the Help of Data Analytics and Brain Science

2023-05-11 Sigma

Sigma Technology Insight Solutions started a unique cooperation with Capacio, a life-science tech startup, applying advanced data analytics to get insights from cognitive behavioral data. The findings are expected to improve the understanding of people’s talent and potential in recruitment, onboarding, and talent management by at least 20%. The first cooperation has also become one of the projects for the SAS Institute Global Hackathon.

Based on world-leading neuroscience, Capacio’s team of brain scientists and neuroscience researchers have developed a digital self-service platform with leading brain-based assessments and reports that assess and visualize Executive Functioning. The cognitive assessments measure all relevant abilities to handle various easy and complex tasks and challenges in a constantly changing environment.

The pilot project between Sigma Technology and Capacio aims to identify predictive indices and behavioral profiles that can be used to improve matches between applicants and roles in the recruitment process and the personal development of individuals, teams, or even entire organizations. The first phase is based on correlating a large amount of cognitive data with each other and with other parameters, including socio-economic data.

“We are very proud to collaborate with Capacio and see how the combination of data analysis and visualization and modern brain research and neuroscience can create value for clients, give them a better understanding of human behavior and insights into how organizations can create high-functioning teams. It is also an honor for us to once again be among the participants in the SAS Hackathon, now in the healthcare and life science category, where we can see how innovative technologies can create better health conditions,” shares Robert Åberg, President at Sigma Technology Insight Solutions.

In the SAS hackathon project, Capacio and Sigma Technology combine cognitive neuroscience with advanced data analytics and visualization using the SAS Viya platform. The SAS Global Hackathon took place between March 15 and April 12, and the winning team will be announced during the official Awards Ceremony on June 1. This is the third time the Sigma Technology team has participated in the hackathon.

“Capacio is on a quest to digitalize and democratize the psychology process, from measurement and profiling to feedback and turnover in practice. By applying advanced data analysis and visualization to cognitive neuroscience and evidence-based measurement tools, Capacio wants to contribute with a deeper understanding of individuals’ dynamic functioning and innate, hitherto invisible abilities, talents, and potential. The aim in the project is also to create easy-to-understand and useful behavior and performance profiles that can help companies, organizations, and recruiters get a sharper prediction, selection, and matching for team building, collaboration, and leadership by identifying the right person for the right place with the right conditions,” says Anders NorĂ©n, CEO at Capacio. He continues: “We are happy about the collaboration with Sigma Technology, where we have now gained a partner with a powerful ability in advanced data analysis, which is essential for us to realize our goal.”

For more information, contact:

Robert Åberg, President at Sigma Technology Insight Solutions,, +46 70 670 52 51

Anders Norén, CEO at Capacio,, +46 70 687 87 14

Nataly Lamkén, Chief Communications Officer at Sigma Technology Group,

Cecilia Hjertzell, CMO at Capacio,, +46 73 383 33 89

About Capacio

Capacio is a deep tech company within life science. The company’s business concept has its origins in world-leading research in neuroscience and a scientific breakthrough in measuring and explaining the connection between cognition, behavior, and performance in business, sports, education, health, defense, and other areas. Through its technical platform and service applications, Capacio can offer research results in the form of tests for individuals, teams, and entire organizations. The company is based in Stockholm. For more information, visit:

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