A different kind of care products

Press release

A different kind of care products

2023-04-25 Danir

This year is the sixth year that Danir Group presents an ‘Expect a better tomorrow initiative’. This year’s initiative, Sparks & Spender, is a very different kind of shop where you can ‘buy’ but not get anything. Instead, the products go to someone else who really needs them. Sparks & Spender camouflages itself behind the rhetoric, aesthetics and mannerisms of the cosmetics and fashion industry, turning this somewhat odd charity initiative into an entertaining satire at the same time.

Some have a million choices, others have none. When we choose between soft or medium, purple or green, with or without ‘super function’, children and young people in South Africa have no choice at all. And so, it is with most basic hygiene products. The needs are there but not the products, nor the money. The lack of these essentials has serious consequences leading to illness and sometimes even death. Sparks & Spender wants to create an awareness of these needs and shortcomings and the challenges young people in South Africa have to deal with every day. All funds raised by Sparks & Spender go directly to the non-profit organization Star for Life and their work with children and young people in southern Africa. They have been on the ground there, working for over 17 years and they know exactly where the money will be of the best use and make the biggest difference.

With the money raised by Sparks & Spender, Star for Life will distribute basic hygiene products to students at their schools. For many years, the schools have educated the students in the importance of good hygiene. But since they don’t have access to or can afford the products, it has stopped at theoretical knowledge. Sparks & Spender wants to make it possible for the knowledge to also become practical, so that students can avoid unnecessary illness that causes them to miss valuable time in school. Or even worse getting a life-threatening disease.

And now the doors to Sparks & Spender are opening where the public is invited to spend their money on unique products that won’t make you younger at all but will definitely make someone else older.

“We started Star for Life 18 years ago to empower children and young people and give them the tools to influence their own future. We see how the students in our Star for Life schools still struggle with challenges that affect their everyday lives and their schooling. With Sparks & Spender, we want to shed light on these challenges and contribute to a better tomorrow for children and young people in South Africa,” says Johan Glennmo, Chairman of the Danir Group.

The Expect a better tomorrow initiative

Danir and Sigma launched ‘International Expect a better tomorrow day’ on New Year’s Eve 2017. With this, Danir wants to contribute to a more sustainable, equal and fair society. Their first initiative, Segerpotten, put the financial situation of women’s football on the agenda.

In 2019, the Funkisfonden highlighted the importance and benefits of physical activity for people with intellectual disabilities. And in 2020, Haveriet worked to spread in-depth knowledge of the sea, its poor condition and importance for us humans. In 2021, the initiative was called Femmegineering, which by highlighting female role models in technical professions, wanted to inspire more girls to choose a technical education and career. And to show how sought after and needed they are in the technology industry.

With last year’s initiative Heja Klubben! they wanted to change attitudes and pay tribute to all the sports clubs around Sweden that are run by non-profit forces, by zealots who are passionate about their club, and who create rewarding activities for all ages.