Sigma Technology Embedded Network establishes in Southern Sweden

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Sigma Technology Embedded Network establishes in Southern Sweden

2023-04-05 Sigma

Sigma Technology Embedded Network is a newly formed company within Sigma Technology Group that specializes in in-house development projects for embedded systems and offers comprehensive solutions that encompass hardware, software, and cloud computing. The company will focus on customer and employee growth and satisfaction and will have its base in SkÄne, supporting companies in the Nordics, Central Europe, and North America. Danilo Chinchilla Sosa was appointed as the president of Sigma Technology Embedded Network.

The expansion of the business area Embedded Group to the South of Sweden is a strategic move, allowing organizations to target companies in various industries that may not have a large R&D organization or are seeking to outsource Research & Development. Sigma Technology Embedded Network is ideally placed to offer solutions in this area, utilizing our strong connections in Sweden, with a particular focus on Denmark and Germany due to their geographic proximity and high demand for engineering resources. The company will offer services in embedded design, IoT, electrification, and digitalization.

“We are excited to announce our expansion plans,” says Danilo Chinchilla Sosa, the newly appointed President of Sigma Technology Embedded Network. “My ambition is to employ 10 colleagues by the end of the year and about 100 in the upcoming 3 years. We are looking for engineers with wide expertise in hardware and software to create an extraordinary team that can deliver outstanding results.”

Danilo has over 20 years of experience in the engineering and tech sector, working in various positions within engineering, IT, and R&D both in Sweden and Denmark. He has vast experience in telecommunications, product development, cloud computing, and embedded software.

“One of the decisive factors when accepting this position was when I learned how Sigma Technology approached the crisis in Ukraine, where the company has hundreds of employees. Sigma Technology was prepared, and when the moment to act came, they managed to achieve business continuity and made sure many Ukrainian families were kept safe and productive, this goes beyond business, and that®s the kind of company I want to be part of,” said Danilo Chinchilla Sosa.

“When it comes to technology, we’re here to help you stay ahead of the curve by providing top-notch expertise and a commitment to excellence. One of the key elements of the company is its focus on employees and customers. We believe in employing individuals who want to achieve their full potential in a variety of fields, and one of them is exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Our motto high-performing humans refers to great professionals that also achieve greatness within the family, and society.”

“By adding Sigma Technology Embedded Networks to Sigma Technology Group’s Business Area Embedded Group, we will further strengthen our market position and geographical footprint. Danilo®s experience, leadership, and technical background will add significant value to us going forward. By focusing on skilled engineers, flexible business model, new technology development, and new customers, this will be a journey to follow,” adds Mikael Karlsson, CEO for Business Area Embedded Group and President at Sigma Technology Embedded Solutions.

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