Car industry veteran Mats Moberg becomes strategic advisor to Nexer.

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Car industry veteran Mats Moberg becomes strategic advisor to Nexer.

2023-04-04 Nexer

Mats Moberg, with a 34-year past within the Volvo Group, becomes a strategic advisor to Nexer’s automotive and mobility vertical. Mats most recently came from a position as Senior Vice President for R&D at Volvo Cars.

With an increasing social focus on sustainability, traditional industrial companies in all sectors must adapt. The automotive industry is no exception as it accounts for a fifth of Europe’s CO2 emissions and 33 percent of energy use, according to And given that the EU’s goal is climate neutrality by 2050, the change must happen quickly.

“The transition happening in the automotive industry is largely about electrification and digitalisation. And within digitalisation, I believe that Nexer is the fastest growing tech company and one of the absolute strongest players,” says Mats Moberg.

C/I (Continuous Integration) and C/D (Continuous Development) are high on the agenda within the industry. Continuous development of software and algorithms in hardware, AI, and machine learning enables the development of new software-based products and services. We also see structural changes and transformations to an increasing extent. The aim is to reach the goals of the European Commission’s initiative “Safe, Connected, and Clean Mobility.”

“To contribute to the transition, we in the tech industry need to understand the systems and know which obstacles must be overcome. That’s why we connect competence, experience, and insights regarding advanced technology and software development in the automotive industry. We must base our advice and services on a deep understanding of how large manufacturing companies work. We must also be challenged and transform ourselves in symbiosis with the industry,” says Pierre Renhult, Strategic Advisor, Digital transformation, Nexer.

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