Nexer continues its global expansion and opens an office in Prague, Czech Republic

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Nexer continues its global expansion and opens an office in Prague, Czech Republic

2022-12-19 Nexer

Nexer Group AB, a Swedish tech company operating globally, has established its operation in Prague, Czech Republic. The company has over 30 years of experience, offices in 15 countries, and more than 2500 employees. In Prague, Nexer plans to build its second engineering hub in Central Europe, with Poland already established.

Nexer Czechia will focus on custom software development by delivering cross-functional and expert teams to Scandinavia, Western Europe, and United States companies. The primary domains of specialisation are digitalisation of the automotive and finance sectors and building of smart industry solutions.

“The Czech Republic is well-recognised as one of the top hubs for the IT and software industry. We are delighted with our Czech colleagues’ professional and entrepreneurial skills. Hence, we believe in a fruitful and long-term presence in the Czech Republic. This will increase Nexer’s footprint in Central Europe and allow us to operate closer to our Western European clients and enter new markets”, says Lars Kry, CEO of Nexer Group AB.

Lars continues: “We believe that combining Scandinavian business culture with the quality and innovativeness of Czech engineers will bring unique values to our clients and many exciting and innovative projects to the software developers’ community in Czechia.”

Maciej Reutt, CEO, and Tomas Remelka, Business Unit Manager, of Nexer Czechia, will lead the newly established company.

Maciej gives the following comment: “I am thrilled to expand our operations into a new market in Central Europe. It will allow us to increase our capabilities and know-how by delivering services from countries such as Czechia, Poland (under the brand name Sigma IT), and other regional locations, providing more value to clients, markets, and industries. I am glad we have Tomas Remelka on board; with his experience and business approach, I am confident that Nexer Czechia will succeed”.

Tomas Remelka, Business Unit Manager, Nexer Czechia says: “I am excited to start Nexer Czechia. I am convinced that the unique, cooperative, and practical Scandinavian approach will attract both customers and IT experts. My goal is to build a strong team that will augment the presence of Nexer Group in the Central European hub. Czechia and Poland will offer a more comprehensive range of competencies for developing innovative solutions. This will enable our Scandinavian and Western European clients to gain competitive advantage internationally. At the same time, we will focus on strengthening our position in product and IT service delivery and taking on new challenges. We want to be close to our customers, gain a deeper understanding of their needs and exceed their expectations”.

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Beatrice Silow, Communications and Culture Manager, Nexer Group

Tomas Remelka, Business Unit Manager, Nexer Czechia