Nexer awarded as Career Company 2023

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Nexer awarded as Career Company 2023

2022-11-16 Nexer

Nexer has been awarded 2023 Career Companies of the Year ‚Äď an award for employers offering unique career and development opportunities for recent graduates and young professionals. The selection process is based on high-quality employer branding work and the employer meeting the criteria to be an attractive employer.

Nexer has been awarded as Career Company 2023 with other Swedish companies that have built a strong employer brand over a long period of time, as well as companies that have expanded their strategic work in the previous year. The award’s purpose is to make it easier for Sweden’s students and young professionals to find their next employer and reward successful employer branding work.

The Career Company’s motivation for Nexer reads:
“Nexer continues to develop its employer brand and is doing so brilliantly. We see a fun and enjoyable company culture, and it is clear that employees are passionate about their work. There is a strong sense of communication, and they convey their message in the best possible way. It’s really impressive, and it definitely contributes to their attractiveness as an employer!”

Careful selection process
All companies and organisations in Sweden are included in the selection process for Career Company 2023 and have been reviewed by Karri√§rf√∂retagen’s expert panel, which consists of specialists in HR, web, career counselling, social media and marketing. A jury has selected the companies that will be the Career Companies of the Year.

Jessica Overgaard, Head of HR and Talent at Nexer says: “We are pleased and proud to have been awarded Career Company of the Year 2023. In our strong growth phase, a focus on culture and developing our people is a given. This year’s award is proof that we are focusing on the right things, and it’s particularly pleasing that it was noted in the motivation how passionate our employees are. Being an attractive employer with internal pride among our employees is something we value very highly. This is a great confirmation that we have succeeded, giving us extra motivation going forward.”

For more information, please contact:
Jessica Overgaard, Head of HR and Talent, Nexer Group
+46 733 757167

Beatrice Silow, Head of Communications & Culture, Nexer Group
+46 703 791 506

About Karriärföretagen
For 12 years, we have annually awarded the employers in Sweden that are considered to offer the most attractive career opportunities for students and professionals. The purpose of Karri√§rf√∂retagen is to make it easier for Sweden’s students and Young Professionals to find their next employer and to reward successful Employer Branding work.