Sigma Technology grows in Malmö and launches a new office

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Sigma Technology grows in Malmö and launches a new office

2022-07-07 Sigma

Sigma Technology Group expands further in the South of Sweden and launches a new flagship office in Malmö. The office will be a meeting point for Sigma Technology companies in Skåne and a home office for Sigma Technology Transformation.

Sigma Technology Group continues its active development in Skåne, in particular in Malmö, Lund, and Helsingborg. The south of Sweden has always been a strategic region due to its proximity to Germany and Denmark, research institutions, talented experts, and clients’ R&D centers. The Group has four companies presented in the region covering high demand for digitalization, cloud transformation, and product information services. The companies cooperate with big players in automotive, telecom, retail, public sector, and other industries.

Sigma Technology Transformation, as a part of Sigma Technology Group, was founded in 2020 and is now actively developing in Malmö. Sigma Technology Transformation is focused on automotive, retail, manufacturing, and high-tech sectors with projects and engagements focusing on commerce and consumer-oriented business applications and services. The company gathers experts in software development, solution architecture, strategy design, and product management, to name a few. Nermin Biscevic, President at Sigma Technology Transformation, comments: “We are organically building a different type of consultancy breed with our people and where we believe in the power of actual human interactions and the creativity of informality. Yes, when you put amazing people together and give them a mandate – magic will happen. We as a team created a social contract together where we are a part of the same journey with a mutual objective in creating a type of consultancy agency that strives for a strong and sustainable culture where people can grow themselves and help each other.”

Today the team gathers over twenty-three colleagues, and in June the company launched its own flagship office to gather the team. “We want to glue our people and culture together, that is why we decided to open an office in the heart of Malmö. The core tenant is that we have mutually chosen each other. This automatically creates a sense of belonging and that is something we want to continue to honor. Though we experience a hybrid delivery model where our team members can work from different places like their homes, clients’ offices, or our own site, I believe that a meeting point acting as our mutual home will positively impact our teamwork and our ability to stay true to our vision – creating true value with great people,” continues Nermin.

The new office is located at Stortorget 13B, Malmö.

Sigma Technology Transformation continues looking for talents to join the team: “We are always open to talented people that can add their unique qualities to the mix“, says Nermin. The company is currently looking for developers, Agile professionals, Tech-leads, QA, and BA experts. Discover more at the website or contact Nermin at

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