Nexer and EUON, in partnership to offer digital transformation to manufacturers

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Nexer and EUON, in partnership to offer digital transformation to manufacturers

2022-05-31 Nexer

Today, Nexer Insight is announcing its strategic collaboration with Industry 4.0 platform company EUON. Our joint initiative provides a low-cost on-ramp solution for manufacturers to securely upload data to the Azure cloud and gain immediate insights, all without any coding required.

“Data is the new oil”
In an age of ever-greater competition and inflationary economic pressures, manufacturing businesses need the operational data from their production on a near-real-time basis to improve yield, extend uptime and reduce costs. The technology exists to enable this, but many businesses cannot bear the cost of entry or have security concerns with the outdated architectures and approaches currently on the market.

Industry 4.0 for manufacturers everywhere
Nexer and EUON are coming together to provide manufacturers with the technology and consulting support to easily connect their factories, capture data, and generate value from it. Whether it be for entire lines, a single machine of immediate interest, or an existing network of IO-Link sensors, a Nexer / EUON solution can be quickly up and running at moderate cost.

EUON Managing Director Marco Nice said: “This exciting collaboration enables EUON to take the next step in its journey to become the go-to data capture partner for the manufacturing industry. Nexer’s fantastic capabilities enhance the already fast setup times of the EUON system and enable data analysis for deep insights into manufacturing operations. Nexer and EUON can now offer an end-to-end solution for almost all manufacturing situations, from a single temperature sensor to a fully Industry 4.0 factory. We are confident that this simple and intelligent solution will deliver significant value to our customers so they can grow their business and add value to their bottom line.”

The EUON Platform
Customers plug a EUON Guardian-1000 device into a factory machine or IO-Link Sensor Master to gather data and send it immediately to the EUON Cloud Platform. The Guardian-1000 is configured from a central cloud-based dashboard reducing the need to visit the factory floor. The data can be stored securely in the cloud by EUON or passed immediately to the customer’s own cloud tenant or other databases. EUON’s Zero Trust architecture using Microsoft’s Azure Sphere ensures the highest levels of security that IT departments will love.

How Nexer helps
For those customers who want to get up and running fast, Nexer service offerings include:

  • Proof of Concept Deployments
  • Factory Discovery & Deployment Planning
  • Customer Data Platform Build
  • Customer Dashboards Build
  • AI/Machine Learning Proof of Concept

These offerings help customers explore how they will benefit from the EUON platform, quickly get one or more machines operational, and build what they need to deploy at scale in their factories.

Nexer Insight UK Managing Director Mark Crowne concludes: “The EUON technology is transformational for the manufacturing industry, enabling most manufacturers without huge budgets to benefit quickly and securely from production insights. Nexer’s capabilities in Data, Analytics and Business Applications such as Dynamics 365 will enable customers to integrate their operational and enterprise data to transform their businesses more quickly than they ever thought possible.”

About Nexer
Nexer Insight, part of Nexer Group, specialises in helping clients solve their business problems through the rapid and pragmatic application of Microsoft Azure IoT, Data and AI technologies.

Nexer Group is a global company with a Swedish heritage of entrepreneurship and innovation. Nexer has 2,300 employees in 15 countries focused on delivering business transformation through strategy, technology, and communication. The revenue in 2020 was 2 billion SEK (approximately £170 Million), with an annual growth of 20%. Nexer was awarded Microsoft Country Partner of the Year 2016 and 2020 in Sweden and IoT Elite and AI Inner Circle programme membership.

About EUON
EUON’s founders have managed IT departments across multiple industries but couldn’t find a data gathering solution they were happy with, so they built their own. Working closely with Microsoft has enabled a technologically advanced solution with many benefits. With a combined 30+ years of experience in the technology sector, the founders have used all that knowledge to create a game-changing cloud platform.

For more information:

Mark Crowne, Managing Director, Nexer Insight UK

Marco Nice, Managing Director, Euon
+44 7738576985

Lisa Hehr, Marketing Manager, Nexer Insight UK