Unique new platform matches Ukrainian refugees with Swedes who wish host them

Press release

Unique new platform matches Ukrainian refugees with Swedes who wish host them

2022-04-12 Danir

Millions of Ukrainians are fleeing the horrors of war and tens of thousands are seeking refuge in Sweden. Many of them need a more personal place to stay until the war is over – instead of living in large, often isolated refugee quarters.

Swedes for Ukraine is the first platform of it’s kind. It makes it easy for Swedes who have rooms or houses to get in direct contact with refugee families. The service has been developed in record time by Ukrainian engineers at the Swedish-owned IT company Sigma Software – engineers who have chosen to stay in western Ukraine but who want to help fellow compatriots who have fled.

Former leader of the Christian Democrats Party Alf Svensson comments:
“Swedes have big hearts and a willingness to help. Swedes for Ukraine is an excellent channel for refugee families to get rooms or houses.”

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Sweden Andrii Plakhotniuk comments:
“Ukraine is very appreciative for the heart-warming support we receive in Sweden. I want to urge everyone who has the opportunity to help and spread information about Swedes for Ukraine to both fellow Swedes and refugees.”

Jonas Wihlstrand, secretary general at The National Association for City Missions in Sweden, comments:
“To have a place to stay is necessary to feel secure in a new country, and therefore a central issue for many families who have fled the war in Ukraine. At the City Missions we know from experience that other types of support also is important for refugees and through this collaboration we offer that, based on the need of the refugee.”

On swedesforukraine.org Swedes who have spare beds, rooms, apartments or summer cottages can feature their offer without disclosing name and location. Refugee families can also introduce themselves on the site. Thereafter potential hosts can contact refugees and vice versa.

After initial contact over phone or e-mail the parties meet in person, according to the concept. If both feel good about the match, the refugee family can stay for suggested three months or another time that both parties agree upon. Thereafter the accommodation can be prolonged if both parties agree.

The site is available in Ukrainian, Swedish and English.

Swedes for Ukraine collaborates with Stadsmissionen (the organization City Missions in Sweden) for support to refugees who have other needs than housing.

For more information, please contact the initiators:
Ebba Lindsö, entreprenuer, +46 723 278 000
Dan Olofsson, entreprenuer, +46 708 300 455
Valery Krasovsky, CEO Sigma Software Ukraina, +38 067 576 2995