Sigma Technology starts a new company to expand within the IT infrastructure area

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Sigma Technology starts a new company to expand within the IT infrastructure area

2021-08-30 Sigma

Richard Gustafsson and Tommy Hudin start a new company within Sigma Technology Group to offer professional services of running IT and IT-related operations, including software and hardware engineering, network services, and resourcing. Sigma Technology is already active in the corresponding area and, with this new start, will aim to amplify focus and expand the business within the IT infrastructure engineering areas by establishing a new company Sigma Technology IT Infra AB. Richard Gustafsson will lead Sigma Technology IT Infra AB as a CEO, and Tommy Hudin is appointed as an Executive VP.

Sigma Technology IT Infra AB will initially operate in Östergötland, Jönköping, Mälardalen, and Stockholm and then aims to expand to other regions in Sweden. “Sigma Technology has already been established in these regions and grew rapidly in recent years. We are already cooperating here with many customers and now we see a great potential to partner with high-tech companies and help them gain operational excellence, agility, and superior service stability,” says Richard Gustafsson and continues – “we already have customers in the public sector, automotive and defense industries. Our goal is to attract new customers from telecom, retail, and other industries and offer comprehensive solutions not only on the infrastructural layer but also on a business layer. We clearly see how 2020 made us face the global disruptive force and business resiliency became the crucial and the most significant differentiator. Technologies performed as an impulse for changes, allowing businesses to stay afloat even in conditions of the volatile market. So we are here to fuel the growth of our customers through technologies and innovations and help them remain resilient and agile for changes.”

Tommy Hudin comments, “We aim to become the partner of choice when it comes to building and management of infrastructures and modern IT product delivery. We put the IT consultant’s competence and professional role in focus along with cross-industry expertise and technological know-how and insights. That’s why our recruitment goal is to attract over 100 talents skilled in the cloud and hybrid solutions, IT security services, and DevOps methodologies.”

Sigma Technology IT Infra AB provides such services:

  • Infrastructure design and modernization
  • Client technician support
  • Virtualization and containerization
  • System Administration outsourcing
  • Business development within IT
  • Technical support of the 2nd and 3rd lines
  • Networking solutions
  • DevOps implementation
  • Database administration

For more information, contact Richard Gustafsson, CEO at Sigma Technology Infra AB,, +46 72 250 4200, Tommy Hudin, Executive VP at Sigma Technology Infra AB,, +46 70 601 1898

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