Sigma and Mesh Systems enter strategic partnership for IOT & AI


Sigma and Mesh Systems enter strategic partnership for IOT & AI

2020-06-29 Sigma

It takes a village of talented companies to get an enterprise IoT solution to the proof-of-concept stage and beyond, into production. The Mesh Systems and Sigma IT Consulting partnership was born while attending Microsoft Inspire in 2019 when both companies met and realized that a “Better Together” story would propel both companies to even greater success.

Mesh has a long track record of success collaborating within the ecosystem to build end-to-end IoT solutions on Microsoft Azure for enterprise customers. Focused exclusively on IoT, Mesh has a strong brand and successfully co-sells Microsoft specialists and account teams across North America daily. That co-selling engine produces enough work to keep all Mesh employees’ calendars booked and to-do lists full. The partnership with Sigma adds skilled bench strength to their qualified team of IoT professionals.

For Sigma, the IT Consulting arm focused exclusively on IoT and Advanced Analytics is the newest division within the global conglomerate. Based in Europe, Sigma is still relatively new to the U.S. market but has already made a deep commitment to the Azure suite of products. The newly formed partnership with Mesh allows Sigma to accelerate growth in North America through collaboration with a trusted, U.S.-based partner.

“On day one of the partnership with Sigma, it felt like they had already been on our team for the past three years,” says Kyle Zeronik, VP of Engineering at Mesh Systems. “Sigma’s knowledge of best practices, as well as their Microsoft acumen, have given Mesh the resources to deliver enterprise-level solutions to customers at a rapid pace.”

Sigma’s expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, coupled with Mesh’s track record of engineering turnkey IoT solutions, ensure that future projects can be built at-scale and across industry verticals. Both companies seek to master the Microsoft co-sell environment in a scalable and repeatable way – great individually, and even better together.

About Mesh Systems
Mesh Systems is an Internet of Things Solutions innovator providing enterprise-grade implementations to Fortune 500 companies. Mesh engineers have deep expertise across IoT hardware design, embedded software development, wireless systems, and cloud-based business applications. All of Mesh’s projects are built on Microsoft Azure with a focus on repeatability. They are proud to be recognized annually as a top Microsoft IoT Partner. With 15 years of experience delivering real solutions to real customers, Mesh Systems is skilled at developing new connected products across multiple industry verticals, such as manufacturing, supply chain, retail, food & beverage, energy and construction. With this flexibility, Mesh has a proven track record of scaling proof-of-concepts to commercial volumes while complementing and enabling internal teams.

About Sigma IT Consulting
Sigma IT Consulting is a leading consulting group with an objective to make their customers more competitive. Their means is technological know-how and a constant passion for finding better solutions. They employ over 5,000 employees in fourteen countries. Sigma is owned by Danir AB, a Swedish holding company. In 2013, they made a strategic investment to acquire Sony Mobile’s hardware department in Sweden (Lund), including their advanced lab facilities and about 200 engineers. Today Sigma has over 500 engineers developing consumer electronic and IoT devices based on the latest connectivity hardware platforms and the complete spectrum of radio technology. Their diverse IoT capabilities in design, technology and strategy enable them to create products and services that change and improve the end-user experience, from hardware development to production technology, full stack software development in Microsoft Azure, cyber security and advanced analytics.

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David Österlindh, President & CEO, Sigma IT Consulting
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US: +1 425 389 1247

Beatrice Silow, Vice President Communication and Culture, Sigma IT
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Andrew Cohoat, VP of Business Development, Mesh Systems