Growing Need for Research and Innovation in the Post COVID-19 World


Growing Need for Research and Innovation in the Post COVID-19 World

2020-06-10 Sigma

The outbreak of the coronavirus leads to the disruption of traditional business models and processes. However, crises can also lead to innovation and the introduction of new, more flexible, and adaptable ways of working. Thinking long-term and investing in research and development can help companies and organizations prepare for future challenges. Sigma Technology Solutions in VÀxjö is one of the companies that will conduct a joint Ph.D. program in Computer Science with a focus on predictive maintenance systems together with Linnaeus University. The program is sponsored by the Knowledge Foundation.

Linnaeus University has recently started the Data Intensive Applications Industry Graduate School (DIA) to help industrial R&D departments automate and optimize existing business processes using data analytics. A joint Ph.D. program in data-intensive sciences and applications is a way to achieve this. Sigma Technology Solutions is proud to be one of the partners for the Ph.D. program in predictive maintenance in VÀxjö.

“We believe that a growing number of companies are now realizing the advantages of data analysis to make smarter decisions. For example, data allows you to automatically control the optimal time for maintenance and services to minimize time and cost efforts. The Ph.D. project that we start together with Linnaeus University will focus on predictive maintenance. During the program, a Ph.D. student will work with Big Data, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Sensors, and Content Management,” says Daniel Björkman, Vice President at Sigma Technology Solutions.

“In these times, it became even more evident that decision making should be based on reliable data and profound statistical and machine learning models. This observation is true for public health and continues to hold for other sectors, such as the automotive industry, construction, and forestry. Data-driven technologies such as Big Data, Digital Twins, and Artificial Intelligence help improving development and production processes as well as the resulting products. In the industry research school on Data-Intensive Applications, researchers at Linnaeus University and engineers at partner companies will develop, enhance, and apply such technologies,” says Dr. Welf Löwe, Professor at Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, Linnaeus University.

Apply for the unique opportunity to complete a Ph.D. project in Computer Science with Linnaeus University and Sigma Technology Solutions in VÀxjö.

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The rapid development of sensors, computing, communication, and storage technologies provides us access to previously unknown amounts of data—Big Data. It has revolutionized research communities and their scientific methodologies and innovated the approaches to knowledge and theory building, validation, and exploitation in the Sciences and the Humanities. With the foundation of a Linnaeus University Center on “Data Intensive Sciences and Applications” (DISA, in Jan 2017, Big Data has officially become a research profile at Linnaeus University. Sigma Technology is working in close collaboration DISA and became a part of the industry graduate school for Data Intensive Applications. For more information, visit


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