Spreading Expertise in SAFe – Popular Framework of Business Agility


Spreading Expertise in SAFe – Popular Framework of Business Agility

2019-10-22 Sigma

Sigma Technology Solutions supports continuous education and knowledge transfer among its employees and across the IT industry. Especially when it comes to Lean-Agile values that are so important for modern enterprises.

Those in Sigma Technology Solutions who are eager to explore the Lean-Agile mindset and hone their practical Agile skills have a great opportunity to do so with Aleksandra Mårtensson, a certified SAFe Program Consultant.

Aleksandra has worked in IT for over 15 years, starting her career in Agile companies before moving into more traditional business environments. This gave her a unique outlook and a chance to compare the two approaches in practice. As a SAFe Program Consultant, she can not only help organizations make the leap into Lean-Agile enterprise and assist in designing their Agile framework implementation but also train, certify and coach people to successfully fulfill their new roles.

Aleksandra, how has a Lean-Agile mindset affected your views on your professional life?

“Shifting work environments made me appreciate how revolutionary, simple yet very difficult to adopt the Lean-Agile mindset can be. I realized that starting off Agile had shaped me professionally and privately. My attitude to work, co-workers, customers, and partners was one thing, but it also gave me courage and confidence outside of work. Being Agile means being flexible, curious, brave and transparent. It means always wanting to improve.”

Pursuing improvement, and over the course of her 8+ years at Sigma Technology, Aleksandra has built a skillset of a strong and confident communicator and Agile practitioner, adding becoming a SAFe Program Consultant to her track record of experience as a Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Aleksandra, why did you decide to become a SAFe Program Consultant?

“Agile comes in many forms and flavors, can be molded and cut to fit the specific needs of nearly any organization, from a very small five-people startup to a multinational enterprise employing thousands of people around the globe; it is called scaling.

“The SAFe framework takes the scaling of Lean-Agile enterprise to a really large size by introducing a concept of Value Streams and Agile Release Train. It also attempts at introducing Agile to the parts of enterprise activity that were traditionally thought Agile-impervious: Portfolio Management, Budgeting, and Governance.

“Being a SAFe Program Consultant gives access to a whole world of new skills and practices, tested and established by the biggest and most successful players on the market. It is also an opportunity to develop an Agile framework by training people, enabling them to get certified and grow on their personal career paths. I can’t imagine anything more exciting than that.”

Sigma Technology Solutions is eager to assist people in sharing knowledge and acquiring new skills. Providing opportunities for continuous education within a company ensures professional development and personal advancement for our employees, which is beneficial for all parties.

With Aleksandra on board, we will hold internal training sessions and give our employees the possibility to certify within the SAFe framework, to help them and Sigma Technology Solutions make a presence in the ongoing market shift towards Agile methodologies.

About SAFe Frameworks

SAFe is today one of the world’s most popular frameworks of Business Agility. Where other Agile frameworks have had problems scaling, SAFe provides tools to efficiently coordinate delivery of value across multiple, distributed teams, and promote the spread of vision and information in even the largest organizations.

Created by Dean Leffingwell in 2011, it is now practiced by more than 70% of companies on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” and holds a strong position on the Forbes “Global” 2000 list.

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