Sigma Technology to speak at tcworld China 2019


Sigma Technology to speak at tcworld China 2019

2019-05-20 Sigma

Nate Zhang, Country Manager at Sigma Technology China, will speak at tcworld China 2019, a leading event in the field of technical communication in the country. tcworld China 2019 will take place in Shanghai, on May 30-31.

Product Information is one of Sigma Technology China’s core business areas. Many years’ experience in the area of information development has helped us to build up a large knowledge base that we have shared over the course of years with our customers, colleagues, and the Chinese technical communication community. The tcworld China 2019 conference is an exceptional platform bringing together national and international leaders and professionals in technical communication and is an obvious event for Sigma Technology to attend.

Nate Zhang will present his ideas on how technical communication area has to change in the face of upcoming technology advances. His speech ‘The future is here – This is how our business have to change’ is the essence of Chinese and Sigma Technology’s global findings in the area of technical communication and product information. Nate says:

“5G, Internet of Things, and connected products set new expectations on technical information and content producers. The combination of Industry 4.0 and Content 4.0 will be challenging. We have to be smart in how we communicate technology, and how we use the produced product data and knowledge gained.”

For the last 14 years, Nate has been working in technical writing/technical communication areas across telecom, electronics, and software industries. He has also acted as a trainer and lecturer at Peking University teaching technical writing modules. Since 2013, Nate has actively worked on developing the technical communication community in China. All these experiences allowed him to form an understanding and outlook on how the role of a Technical Communicator will evolve in China. Nate will also talk about strategies, research, and standards that will be important for the future of technical communication.

Among other speakers, is also our long-time allies in boosting technical communication education in China, Professor May Li, Tongji University, and lecturer Zhijun Gao, Peking University. See the full agenda at the tcworld China website. 

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About Sigma Technology China

Sigma Technology China was established in 2006 under the strategy of following our global customer from Europe to China. After almost 13 years of development, we have already become one of the best professional companies to provide consulting services for information development in China with offices and consultants in Beijing and Shanghai as well as consultant teams located in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. During the past 10 years, we have expanded our services in telecom, electronics, medical, education, and financial areas by providing consulting, training, and design services. Our customers include companies in China, Japan, Korea, Europe, and the USA. We have also assisted several universities in China in developing technical writing courses and held training sessions for professional use in the technical communication area.

About Sigma Technology

Sigma Technology is part of Sigma and is a global supplier of product information, software & embedded design, and offshore development. We are experts with a passion for technology and information. We take pride in delivering quality and constantly improving our deliveries. Our philosophy is “Local Drive – Global Strength”, therefore we have offices worldwide to be close to our customers. For a complete picture, visit

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