BOTI 2018 Conference Focuses on Simplifying Technical Information


BOTI 2018 Conference Focuses on Simplifying Technical Information

2018-12-18 Sigma

The BOTI 2018 Conference is a meeting place for leading businesses and organizations in the area of technical information. This year’s topics included technical information business, API documentation, analog, and digital worlds, and the future of information consumption – all with one common idea: to make the complex a bit simpler.

As a proud sponsor and board member of BOTI, Sigma Technology joined the conference. 

The area of technical information is developing at the same pace as new technologies emerge. We talk about information as a multimedia product integrated into a machine or technical equipment. Excellent technical information is an essential component of successful product development, and that’s why the need for technical information network is so high.

BranschOrganisationen för TeknikInformation, BOTI, is the Swedish Industry Organization for Technical Information. The organization aims to develop the area of technical information through a variety of activities, and its annual BOTI conference is one of the biggest of them. This year’s BOTI conference took place at Quality Hotel Globe in Stockholm on November 20-21, 2018.

The keynote speakers for BOTI 2018 were Beata Wickbom, the expert in digitalization and digital communication, and Göran Adlen, speaker and trend analyst. Neda Amiri, Sigma Technology’s information engineer, moderated the conference.

Sigma Technology has worked with technical information development for over 20 years and is, of course, an active member and sponsor of BOTI.

“The BOTI’s annual conference is the highlight of the year. We see it as a great source of inspiration and networking. Many of our information engineers are here for these days to learn about recent trends and find inspiration for their projects,” says Johan Thornadtsson, COO at Sigma Technology Information and board member at BOTI.

Sigma Technology team has also arranged a workshop during the conference days, where we talked about effective information management. Tommy Hudin, Stephan Quist and Johnny FĂ€gersten demonstrated different philosophies for developing and publishing product information.

“The world of technical information is constantly evolving. Long gone are times when users had to read printed books and manuals. Today, you should make your product intuitive to use and make information search and troubleshooting as smooth as possible. As a leading product information consulting company, we work a lot with information quality and smart troubleshooting to help our clients create innovative products. This year’s BOTI conference gave us many insights and we are looking forward to applying new knowledge,” summarizes Johan.

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