Sigma’s founder nominated to “Super communicator”


Sigma’s founder nominated to “Super communicator”

2017-05-19 Danir

We would like to congratulate Sigma’s founder and owner Dan Olofsson who has been nominated as one of “Swedish business sectors 150 Super communicators”. Dan is acclaimed for his entrepreneurship and his social commitment to the community such as “Uppstart Malmö”, a foundation whose goals are to prevent alienation, promote integration and create more job opportunities. We at Sigma are really proud to have such a driven, wise and passionate owner.

Résumé’s list of “Super communicators” this year, is perhaps their strongest and most elaborate ever. That is why it is extra exciting to see our own Dan Olofsson on the list.

As a true entrepreneur Dan Olofsson likes to keep himself busy and is always involved in a lot of projects. Everything from starting Sigma in 1986, which today has 3200 employees in eleven countries, to numerous social commitments both near and far.

The latest and closest initiative from Dan Olofsson is “Uppstart Malmö”. This is a foundation which main objective is to increase the number of people in employment and to support smaller businesses so they can grow in a sustained and profitable way. Besides investment capital from a number of experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders in Malmö, there are partners supporting the project with their personal experience and advice.

So far the projects and the companies cooperating with “Uppstart Malmö” has created over 1000 new jobs in the Malmö region. This is not only positive for the companies and the people employed. It also has a positive impact on Malmö in a greater perspective.

A great commitment close at heart but far away is “Star for Life”. This is the foundation Dan and his wife Christin started in South Africa over ten years ago. By cooperating with schools over 100 000 youths has been a part of the special program that encourage the pupils into believing in their dreams, take responsibility for their own lives and personal progress as well as learning how to avoid hiv and aids.

Dan Olofsson’s unique abilities to inspire and communicate his thoughts and ideas to get people to join him is important when creating both business and CSR projects. Abilities that now rendered him a well-deserved spot among Swedish Super Communicators”

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