Celebrating Ada Lovelace with DataTjej


Celebrating Ada Lovelace with DataTjej

2015-12-11 Sigma

Photo credit: Niklas Johansson

Yesterday, at the 200th anniversary of Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, Swedish organization DataTjej organized banquets in Gothenburg, Uppsala, and UmeÄ. Sigma Technology gladly supports students and joined the event in Gothenburg.

200 years ago Ada Lovelace, who is often considered to be the first computer programmer, was born. Her acclaimed input to programming is attributed to her notes on the Analytic Engine, which included the first published sequence of operations for a computer.

To celebrate the famous woman and encourage more young female students to apply to Data and IT departments, DataTjej decided to host a banquet, successfully combining a traditional three-course dinner with many interactive contests and quizzes related to information technology and programming.

Sigma Technology also believes that women are making a big change in technology and IT:

“Information technology is one of the most developed areas nowadays, and a lot of high-tech novelties are introduced every day. History has seen many examples of talented women, who shaped technology, such as Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, Adele Goldberg, and many others,” says Sofia Ekstrand, Recruiting Manager at Sigma Technology Development. “We support initiatives that encourage young women and men to join the IT and engineering movement, and we felt very honored to attend DataTjej’s banquet.”

Nataly Duyko, PR manager at Sigma Technology, adds:

“We have supported DataTjej and female student organizations in our Stockholm office before, and we have seen a great value in it. It is through continuous encouragement from businesses and through community support that change can be made. We believe that such events can motivate more women to join the industry and contribute to a more equal and balanced work environment.”

Åsa Ingers, Information Engineer at Sigma Technology Information, also appreciated the event:

“Ada Lovelace made a great contribution to our present life, and I am sure that the students we met yesterday will shape our tomorrow.

“I guess that when I think of technology, I firstly associate it with all the things that are obvious in my everyday life: my phone, my computer, my job in general. At the same time, other words that come to mind are innovative, fast paced, essential, and enabling. No matter what area you want to work in, technology is always an option.”