Sigma Technology and Lingon Certificates enter strategic partnership in Digital Product Passport Initiative

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Sigma Technology and Lingon Certificates enter strategic partnership in Digital Product Passport Initiative

2024-03-11 Sigma

As part of the European green deal, manufacturers will soon be required by law to provide a unique Digital Product Passport (DPP) with each product sold on the European markets. The purpose is to lower the carbon footprint and bridge the gap in the circular economy by improving transparency and empowering buyers to make more informed and sustainable decisions.

While the DPP’s scope will eventually expand to many products, its rollout is gradual. Construction products and batteries are the first industries targeted by Digital Product Passport regulations. The EU plans to publish regulations specifically addressing textiles and consumer electronics. In the following year, furniture, electronic devices, and chemicals will be prioritized. Over time, the initiative aims to cover up to 30 industries.

Sigma Technology Solutions Group is working closely with the manufacturing industry to enable compliance with the new regulations, integrate new technologies, and maximize business outcomes.

Lingon Certificates is a software development company focusing on chain-of-custody and circularity solutions, based on blockchain technology. The company provides a versatile plug & play solution for the creation of and access to product passports, including technology for connecting physical goods. The platform also includes customer wallet apps for control of ownership and value-adding interactions between brands and their users.

The companies have now agreed to form a strategic partnership to combine best practices and enable companies of all sizes to get started quickly, easily, and efficiently with their DPP integration efforts.

“We are both thrilled and humbled to enter this journey with the competent, customer-centric, and hands-on team at Sigma Technology,” says Christian ListĂ©rus, CEO and co-founder of Lingon.

He continues:

“Our initial focus is to serve the furniture manufacturing and design industry in the Nordics and we’re proud to call Sigma our go-to-market partner of choice, due to their excellent domain expertise, skilled resources, and country-wide presence.”

Niklas Malmros, CEO of Solutions Group at Sigma Technology Group, says: “By leveraging the power of the Digital Product Passport, companies can enhance transparency and traceability throughout their supply chains, effectively addressing key challenges such as resource wastage, counterfeiting, and environmental impact. Our collaboration with Lingon Certificates marks a significant moment in our commitment to driving sustainable innovation. By combining our expertise, we empower manufacturers to seamlessly navigate regulatory complexities and enhance their environmental footprint. Together, we’re shaping a future where transparency, trust, and sustainability define industry standards.”

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Lingon Certificates is a privately-owned software development company with operations in Sweden and a global service delivery. Lingon offers a versatile plug and play technology platform, based on state of the art web2, web3, and IoT technologies. The solution is suitable for a variety of use cases, including Digital Product Passports, and seeks to meet needs in various industries where proof of authenticity and ownership is a key value driver, such as art, luxury goods, ticketing, and digital assets.

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