Inera chooses Nexer for national digital services

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Inera chooses Nexer for national digital services

2023-08-29 Nexer

The agreement includes development and management of eight different service objects in the Platform and First Line contract area and runs for a maximum of 6 years with an estimated contract value of 237 million SEK.

Inera is the municipalities’ and regions’ digitalisation company with the task of developing national welfare and being the cohesive actor for digitalisation in municipalities and regions.

In addition to supplier consolidation, Inera has an ambition to improve governance, increase coordination, standardise and harmonise working methods and move towards a higher degree of agile development.

The overall effect goals Inera wishes to achieve are:

  • High cost-efficiency
  • Stable application operation with customised service levels
  • Increased rate of innovation with effective supplier collaboration

The Platform and First Line contract area provides platforms that are used for online services for residents and services that support staff in the counselling process for first line care. The service objects are part of 1177 – Sweden’s number one go-to place for information and services in healthcare.

In addition to price, three areas were evaluated in the procurement – design of takeover projects, agile development capability and capacity and application operation, where Nexer received the highest quality score and was estimated to bring great added value to Inera.

“The fact that Nexer MyTeam received both the highest possible quality score and had the best bid shows that our services in development and management are really at the forefront and that we have the ability to handle large, complex and critical applications,” says Jonas Wollinger, Business Area Manager for Nexer MyTeam.

We are extremely proud and happy about this agreement and look forward to contributing to the development and management of national, digital services for operations in socially critical systems in the Swedish welfare system, which feels incredibly important and exciting”, says Susanne Paulsson, Head of Public Sector at Nexer Group.

About Nexer MyTeam
Nexer MyTeam is part of Nexer Group and specialises in development, management, and support of tailor-made systems, offering dedicated teams of selected specialists who develop and adapt solutions that best suit the customer. With high technical competence and quality, combined with the latest technology and innovations, the company streamlines and future-proofs its customers’ operations. For more information: My Team

About Inera
Inera is a digitisation company owned by regions, municipalities and SKR Företag and is tasked with creating conditions for digitalising Sweden’s welfare. By providing the owners with a common digital infrastructure and architecture and a large number of services, Inera contributes to safe, equal and efficient healthcare. Inera develops and manages some 40 services, including 1177, the National Patient Overview, the SITHS identification service and knowledge support through the Healthcare Handbook. The digital solutions are used by citizens, employees and decision-makers in regions and municipalities.

For more information, please contact:
Jonas Wollinger, Business Area Manager, Nexer MyTeam
+46 703 792148

Beatrice Silow, Head of Communication and Culture, Nexer Group
+46 703 791506