Nexer partnership with SmartViz in Smart Building solutions

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Nexer partnership with SmartViz in Smart Building solutions

2022-09-20 Nexer

Nexer Insight, an Elite Microsoft Azure, Internet of Things and Advanced Analytics partner, is launching a new collaboration with smart building digital twin company SmartViz to boost building performance and user experience.
Today, Nexer is announcing its strategic collaboration with smart building digital twin company SmartViz. Nexer’s consulting and systems integration capabilities, combined with the SmartViz SaaS platform, enable building operators to transform their user experience while significantly cutting carbon emissions.

Transforming the built environment
The built environment is where we live and work. It’s our homes, offices, green areas, entertainment and leisure spaces, and the infrastructure around us. However, it also contributes to 40% of global carbon emissions, over 30% of international final energy use and consumes nearly half of the world’s natural resources. To address the climate crisis and the move to Net Zero, we must make better and more efficient use of the buildings we already have and those we will build in the future.

Introducing SmartViz
SmartViz is a SaaS digital twin platform helping building owners and managers optimise their space to create a more productive and energy-efficient building for all by combining accurate data analytics, predictive ‘day in the life’ simulations and scenario planning.

SmartViz combines property information with data from smart sensors, BMS platforms, FM systems, IoT sensors, room & desk booking, smart meters, environment controls, and occupant interactions into a single source of truth. It presents actionable insights using advanced 2D/3D visualisations and KPI overlays for the entire portfolio of a building, right down to an individual floor and space as a digital twin. The solution also includes a unique human behaviour simulation engine allowing operators to test “what if” scenarios and optimise their buildings for space utilisation, energy efficiency, and productivity and wellbeing of its users.

Nexer Insight UK Managing Director Mark Crowne said: “SmartViz has built an excellent Software-As-A-Service platform to enable building operators to respond quickly to the needs of their users and the imperative to cut carbon emissions starting right now. Nexer Insight is delighted to be a professional services and systems integration partner for SmartViz, and we look forward to bringing its benefits to clients worldwide.”

How Nexer helps
For building operators who want to get up and running fast, the Nexer service offers include:

  1. Discovery & deployment planning
  2. Existing building systems and data integration
  3. Building operator dashboards design and build

These services will help the building operators explore the benefits of the SmartViz platform, how they can rapidly get their buildings operational, and build what they need to deploy at scale across their entire estates.

To accelerate its go-to-market, SmartViz partnered with professional services company Nexer to help plan solution deployment, integrate existing systems, develop custom dashboards for key stakeholders, or even display them on screens within the building.

Nexer, as a specialist in Digital Transformation, is well placed to provide these services. Its international coverage can help Smartviz reach overseas markets such as Nordics, US and Brazil.

SmartViz Managing Director Shrikant Sharma said: Our mission is to rethink people, place and planet. This exciting partnership with Nexer will go a long way in empowering our clients with analytics and insights to do their bit for the planet and supercharge the performance of their people and places. The collaboration will deliver an end-to-end solution combining SmartViz’s digital twin’s out-of-the-box insights with Nexer’s professional services. So, the building owners, operators, and facilities managers to achieve their net zero goals while boosting energy efficiency, space utilisation and user experience“.

About Nexer
Nexer Insight, part of Nexer Group, specialises in helping clients solve their business problems through the rapid and pragmatic application of Microsoft Azure IoT, Data and AI technologies. Nexer Group is a global company with a Swedish heritage of entrepreneurship and innovation. Nexer has 2,300 employees in 15 countries focused on delivering business transformation through strategy, technology, and communication.

Nexer was awarded Microsoft Country Partner of the Year 2016, 2020 and 2021 in Sweden and are exclusive members of the IoT Elite Program with Advanced Specialisation certification in AI and Machine Learning.

About SmartViz
Microsoft supported and incubated the creation of SmartViz within a UK-based world-class global practice of building engineers, consultants, and advisers. In 2022, it was spun out as a separate company to accelerate its deployment.

SmartViz is secure, scalable, and performant on Microsoft’s Azure public cloud platform and enables building operators to transform their real estate portfolio quickly.

Well-known clients such as Vodafone, London Heathrow, Roman Baths, Royal United Hospital, and several universities and schools have already implemented the solution.

Contact information
Shrikant Sharma, Managing Director at SmartViz
+44 7900 56 58 48

Mark Crowne, Managing Director at Nexer Insight Ltd UK
+44 7876 68 39 30