Sigma Connectivity announces new parent company Sigma Connectivity Group AB

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Sigma Connectivity announces new parent company Sigma Connectivity Group AB

2022-06-21 Sigma

The global tech house continues to build a strong presence world-wide as they announce the formation of Sigma Connectivity Group AB, a group parent company. This expansion will add structure and promote further growth.

Sigma Connectivity is made up of eight legal entities and operates out of eleven sites worldwide. Effective as of June 1st 2022, the newly formed company will act as the top holding company of the entire Sigma Connectivity Group.

“A new parent company is a natural part of our expansion and another positive step forward as we continue to grow our customer portfolio worldwide. This will add structure, further tighten the collaboration between all our sites and customers as well as serve as a platform for further growth.” – Björn Lundqvist, CEO Sigma Connectivity Group AB

Sigma Connectivity’s headquarters will remain in Lund and Jesper Larsson, former Head of Consumer Products at Sigma Connectivity, will replace Björn Lundqvist as CEO for Sigma Connectivity AB.

“At Sigma Connectivity, our passion is cutting edge high tech and seeing our customers succeed. Our unique set of competence together with one of Europe’s most advanced labs will enable us to continue to build extraordinary teams.

“I look forward to being part of the journey we have ahead of us. We will continue to develop our competence within the areas of connected solutions and products, as well as business development and leadership”

– Jesper Larsson, CEO Sigma Connectivity AB

Sigma Connectivity

Sigma Connectivity is a tech design house with the mission to innovate and create value and growth with connected solutions and devices which makes them, and their partners, unique.

With one of Europe’s most advanced design, test, and verification labs, they meet their clients’ specific needs of bringing smart, connected products to market

They have, since being acquired from Sony Mobile in 2013, successfully increased the number of active engineers from 180 to 700 and are operating from 11 sites worldwide.

No industry is too complex to connect.