Sigma Technology launches a new company with a focus on digital experiences and growth

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Sigma Technology launches a new company with a focus on digital experiences and growth

2022-06-16 Sigma

Sigma Technology Group continues its expansion journey and starts a new company, Sigma Technology Experience with headquarters in Gothenburg. The company is focused on providing exceptional digital experiences, data analytics, and value chain optimization. Alexander Corneliusson and Henrik Lawenius run the company as a President and a Vice President correspondingly.

Sigma Technology Group provides digitalization services and business solutions to help companies become digital-ready organizations or advance their capabilities. The Group has quadrupled its turnover in the last seven years and to meet the ever-increasing demand for digital transformation services, ten new companies have been started since 2020. The goal behind the startups is to create 700 new jobs in the coming three years, almost one-third of which is already achieved.

In May 2022, Sigma Technology Group started a new company Sigma Technology Experience headquartered in Gothenburg. Alexander Corneliusson and Henrik Lawenius are featured as President and Vice President correspondingly. The company will focus on providing connected experiences, spanning UX design, data analytics, web and application development, and value chain optimization. “Our goal is to help clients build exceptional omnichannel journeys so that their end-users could get what they want with as little effort as possible,” states Alexander.

Alexander has over 11 years of professional experience and has previously led digitalization and customer experience strategy both from agency and product companies such as Husqvarna, Nordic Morning, etc. Such a solid background allowed him to immerse himself in the topic of buyer experience and discover the usual pitfalls and challenges the companies may face on their digitalization journeys.

“Customer experience drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty, outperforming brand and price combined. Having an outstanding customer experience all the way from a product experience to a digital experience across the whole value chain is paramount for companies that want to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape. We are looking forward to helping companies create just that,” says Alexander Corneliusson, President at Sigma Technology Experience.

Henrik has over 15 years of experience in business development and is passionate about connecting people and creating teams that develop great solutions together.

“For us, it is essential that our consultants become part of the client’s team and share a dedication to creating an awesome connected experience. We are looking for individuals who combine technical expertise with a genuine interest in the client’s business model and operations,” adds Henrik.

Sigma Technology Experience will support clients operating in the automotive, tech, retail, finance, and manufacturing industries.

“With a mix of advisory and hands-on experts we partner with sales, marketing, commerce, and service to deliver strategic design and digital products for a better tomorrow,” concludes Alexander.

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Alexander Corneliusson, President at Sigma Technology Experience,

Nataly Lamkén, Chief Communications Officer,

Do you want to create exceptional digital experiences? We are currently looking for front-end developers and UX designers.


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