Sigma Technology Group partners with Mentor to empower youth in Sweden

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Sigma Technology Group partners with Mentor to empower youth in Sweden

2021-12-16 Sigma

Sigma Technology Group announces the start of a new long-term partnership with Mentor Sweden, a non-profit organization working with youth empowerment through mentoring. Sigma Technology Group will start a mentorship program connecting our people with youth in socioeconomically challenged areas in Sweden.

Between 41-57% of youth within the Nordic region experience mental health issues*. Founded by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden and with the WHO members back in 1996, Mentor has a vision of a world where young people are empowered to make healthy decisions. Their mentorship programs and coaching sessions provide young people with role models to enhance resilience and accelerate potential. Each year Mentor reaches 25,000 youth.

As a knowledge company, Sigma Technology Group supports a sustainable future by driving innovation and education. Over the years, the company has started and supported a multitude of initiatives aiming at strengthening youth motivation, self-esteem, and willingness to pursue education. One of the most significant projects the organization has worked with is Star for Life, a social program in Southern Africa aimed at youth empowerment, where Sigma Technology Group sponsors three schools. Starting from 2022, Sigma Technology Group will partner with Mentor in socioeconomically challenged areas in Sweden, where the need for mentoring and role models is the highest.

The six-month mentoring program will connect Sigma Technology employees as role models with young persons (aged 13-17). The purpose is to empower all the young potential in society. Mentors and youth will meet or catch up digitally every second week for activities they choose on their own or opt in a curriculum by Mentor Sweden.

“We see our partnership with Mentor as an important step supporting Swedish youth making sound life choices, creating purpose, and enhancing their life and management skills. Our cooperation will provide a platform for our team to become mentors. If we can encourage a few teenagers to follow their dreams, we know that we make a difference. If more companies join the initiative, we can make a real impact. At Sigma Technology Group, we have a fantastic team of bright individuals with different backgrounds and life paths. I believe that it will be a life-changing experience both for adolescents and our mentors. Gaining insight on youth while further developing life and leadership skills,” shares Carl Vikingsson, President and CEO at Sigma Technology Group.

“We are so happy that Sigma Technology Group supports Mentor Sweden and contributes to positive societal development. Together with committed partner companies, we can strengthen young people’s resilience and unleash their potential,” shares Cecilia Bernard, Secretary General at Mentor.

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