Sigma Technology expands its presence in Örebro to strengthen product information offer

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Sigma Technology expands its presence in Örebro to strengthen product information offer

2021-12-06 Sigma

Sigma Technology Information starts a new office in Örebro to support local companies with full-cycle product information services and grow the team to complement Sigma’s other big tech hubs in several cities in Sweden, including Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Sigma Technology Information is one of bigger companies within Sigma Technology Group which is already presented in 13 locations around Sweden. The next strategic step towards strengthening product information offer became the launch of a new office in Örebro, one of Sweden’s fastest-growing regions with a strong labor market. The company pursues two key goals: establish firm cooperation with local companies and build a solid team of product information engineers who will work together with the existing teams in Sweden.

According to the business study of the region, Örebro stands out with its vast range of developed industries like IT, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, banking, finance, education to name a few. Moreover, the public sector is heavily presented in the region: 12 municipalities, 26 government agencies, and departments are headquartered there. The active business development of the region and economic stability attracts over 17 000 students every year, creating a solid talent pool.

Johan Thornadtsson, CEO at Sigma Technology Information comments: “Sigma Technology Information is actively expanding and Örebro becomes the next strategic target for growth. The region constitutes a favorable environment for business development, presence of diverse companies, and interesting talent market – 3 crucial criteria when it comes to launching a new office. Örebro is perfectly located between our tech hubs in Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Karlstad, and is a very promising location for us to build a strong presence.”

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