The Dream Big jury has a tough job

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The Dream Big jury has a tough job

2021-10-26 Nexer

Since spring, the Dream Big innovation race has received almost 170 competition entries, of which 40% are from female entrepreneurs. The innovations are of high quality and cover several exciting areas, such as Medtech, retail, energy, sustainability, security and many more. On Friday, October 29, the best business ideas will be presented to an expert jury at Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg. The jury members are: Lena Apler, Viktor Frisk, Malin Frithiofsson, Erik Jivmark, Lars Kry, Johan Magnusson, Tuva Palm and Binette Seck.

‚Äď I am so impressed by the width of the contributions, and it is a great honour to, together with my jury colleagues, assess which innovation will win, says Viktor Frisk, who himself is a media specialist and driven entrepreneur.

A challenging task awaits the jury when they have to decide and choose among the innovations. Which contribution has the highest degree of innovation? Best business potential? And which of the entrepreneurs has the most passion and will to realize their business idea? On November 25, we will receive the answer when the winner is presented at an award ceremony in connection with the Nexer Summit event.

Beatrice Silow, Head of Communications at Nexer and responsible for Dream Big, says:
Dream Big is a global and equal competition for entrepreneurs who dream of creating a new service or product in digitisation and tech. Everyone can compete, either as a team or individually. But no matter who it is or where the innovator lives in the world, the dreams of kick-starting and running a startup are strong!

The experts in the Dream Big jury all have extensive experience in entrepreneurship and digitalisation. Both the jury and the competition are 100% gender-neutral, which gives all competitors the same opportunities to dream and succeed. It provides the best results and contributes to a successful competition. More info about the competition is available at

About Nexer Summit on November 25
Nexer Summit is a much appreciated and recurring event around digitalisation and technology. (Formerly called Sigma’s Inspiration Day.) The list of speakers is always impressive. Some of the speakers this year is, the author and digital strategist Judith Wolst, Erik Kruse, a true digitalisation evangelist and IT security expert David Jacoby will participate.

During the day, the winner of the Dream Big Nexer Innovation Race 2021 will also be announced. More information soon at

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