Maverick celebrates the launch of University of Gothenburg’s new web!


Maverick celebrates the launch of University of Gothenburg’s new web!

2020-09-02 Sigma

When the University of Gothenburg launch their new web,, Maverick cheers and says congratulations. As a partner to the University of Gothenburg, Maverick has participated to develop their new website and web concept.

50.000 people visit the University of Gothenburg’s website daily. To make it easier for the users, the university has developed their new web environment using the latest digital technology. New technology focused on users creates new possibilities and a more efficient website.

“We wanted to improve accessibility for our visitors and make it easier to find the right information. I am proud and happy to launch the university’s new website, which really increases our chances to reach out.” says Magnus Nielsen, Web Coordinator at the University of Gothenburg.

A new web for students, researchers, the public, faculties and institutions
Together with Maverick, the University of Gothenburg conducted a prestudy during 9 months to analyze their entire web environment. The purpose was to see from different perspectives what needed to be developed, and to define the execution, limitations, costs and time plan for all parts of the development.

After the prestudy, Maverick got renewed trust to lead the web development project. Team deliveries started 2017, focusing on impact mapping, user experience, information architecture, visual design, prototyping, user tests, being able to handle international students, international information and quality assurance of the new web concept.

Some challenges that Maverick by Sigma have delivered solutions for:

  • Clearer impact management
  • Handling a wide variety of target groups
  • Managing the full width of the organization and their different needs for different parts of the website
  • Collected the university’s around 200 websites in a common information architecture
  • A simpler way to offer courses and programs to students
  • A simpler interface for editors
  • Easier for international students to find the right information
  • A more cohesive website for the university as a whole
  • A search function that highlights what students want to find
  • A design manual to be used by the wider organization

Well worth celebrating!

“I am very pleased with our new website. It has a clear starting point in our users desire to find the right information. It also feels very modern and compelling. The project team has carried out their work well, it has been extensive and very complex, with a great result.” says Stina Sundling, Area Manager GF at the University of Gothenburg.

“We are very happy and proud to have worked with the University of Gothenburg in this project. We now look forward to enjoy an easy to use and efficient web environment at”, concludes Henrik Askervi, Head of Maverick by Sigma.

Please see the result at

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