Sigma wants more women to stay in the tech industry


Sigma wants more women to stay in the tech industry

2019-10-17 Sigma

A large share of women working in IT and tech leave the industry due to the work environment. On October 22nd, Sigma IT will participate in a workshop aimed at making the industry more attractive to women.

According to a study presented by Harvard Business Review unsatisfactory work environment causes 41 percent of women in the tech industry to eventually leave the line of business. In the study, in which over 700 women were interviewed, the majority responded that they liked their work but that they left the industry because of bad work environment. When men in the tech industry were asked the same question, only 17 percent expressed similar dissatisfaction. Nadya Fouad, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin, who has made a similar study with over 5000 women, comes to the same conclusion – namely that it is the work environment that causes tech women to leave.

– Just as important as it is to get more women interested in IT and tech, it is to retain those who are already in the industry. We see many aspects of culture and values that need to be considered in order for us to have a work climate that welcomes and makes women feel comfortable and help them develop professionally, says Beatrice Silow, Communications and Culture Manager at Sigma IT.

On October 22nd, Sigma IT will participate in Tech Women – Get your voices heard – a workshop where people in tech who identify as women, and industry experts have been invited to discuss what needs to change. The workshop will be organized by Unionen, Women in IT and Women in Tech and the suggestions will be gathered in a list of requirements that will be submitted to Almega (Sweden’s leading employer organization for the service sector) and Unionen (Sweden’s largest trade union).

– Personally, I think that if we have a culture of values that is based on everyone having the same value and opportunity, both women and men will thrive in their workplaces, says Beatrice Silow.

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