Expect a Better Tomorrow in Jönköping – Sigma Technology Open Hackathon


Expect a Better Tomorrow in Jönköping – Sigma Technology Open Hackathon

2018-05-09 Sigma

How can we make Jönköping a better place for both visitors and inhabitants? How can we develop the region and make it more digital? These were the challenges that the participants of the first Sigma Technology Open Hackathon in Jönköping had to solve.

Friday evening before the long weekend in Jönköping gave a start for an exciting 24-hour event in the walls of Jönköping International Business School. The first Sigma Technology Open Hackathon is an initiative driven by Sigma Technology, Startup Jönköping, and Jönköping University/Jönköping International Business School. The goals are clear: inspire and create entrepreneurship opportunities, connect students, and contribute to the development of the region.

The result – six ambitious projects created by 30 students, many of whom tried the hackathon format for the first time. The hackathon started with the cases presentation from Destination Jönköping, a special partner for 2018. The presentation was followed by the workshop organized by Science Park Jönköping, where participants discussed the cases, built teams and ideated. Right before 18:00 the countdown started, 24-hour creativity journey began!

During the coding, the participants received mentorship from different industry experts and got help from the organizational team. RedBull, Barebells, and Jungle Thai made sure that the participants felt energized and well-fed. Macforum team was also there as one of the sponsors.

Data mining, VR, mobile, these are some of the technologies that the participants used for their solutions in an attempt to make Jönköping a more attractive location. 

The winner of Sigma Technology Open Hackathon – Atta’s Galärer. Photo credit: Samuel Ardelean

The hackathon’s winning team, Atta’s Galärer, based their project on data mining in order to obtain content about different businesses in the region to be displayed in a portal for the students of Jönköping University. The information shown on the portal was transparent and could not be manipulated by the companies, guaranteeing neutrality in the content.

The team got awarded for connecting a real-world problem within the challenge, creating a lean solution that could be developed further in many directions. Winners got five 5 Apple TVs and a spot at Science Park Accelerator in fall 2018.

HackNSpace – the winner in the category Technical Approach. Photo credit: Samuel Ardelean

The winner in the category Technical Approach became the team HackNSpace. Their project was based on a social network for mobile. The users of this social network interact with each other around spotlight points on the map of Jönköping. As a user, you can see which kind of spotlights are around. Based on your interests, you get suggestions for users that you can chat with and also create your spotlight location. The project tried to solve the problem of leisure in Jönköping, focused mainly on users who are not too involved in Jönköping live style.

The jury acknowledged this project for meeting the core of the challenge out of a technical point of view. The winners got 5-Day tickets to Dream Hack Summer.

JKPG-UP – the winner in the category Creative Approach. Photo credit: Samuel Ardelean

Finally, the winner in the category Creative Approach was JKPG-UP. The team developed a project that aimed to create spaces of interest in the mediations of the E4. The idea was to attract drivers to experience Jönköping through a 15-minutes VR trip inside a specially equipped building.

The project was distinguished for its well-communicated, innovative approach. The winners got 5-Day tickets to Dream Hack Summer.

The hackathon is now over, and we are already looking forward to the next event. We thank all the participants for their time and dedication and our partners and sponsors for the support with organizing this event. Together we can create a better tomorrow. 

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